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Meet Aric

No description

Aric Babbitt

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Meet Aric

MR. BABBITT Boston Sebastien Me! I grew up in
Winona, MN Now I live in
S. St. Paul, MN I've worked at Lincoln Center for 11 years! This is my 14th year of
teaching over all:
1999 - 2013 I've taught...
1st grade,
2nd grade,
3rd grade,
3rd-4th multi-age,
5th grade,
6th grade,
& Title One I've also...
looped from
1st - 2nd
& 5th - 6th
& acted as IB
Coordinator I finished my master's degree in 2006 at Lesley University. I'm almost done with
a PhD from the
Univ. of Minnesota I love to be at our cabin,
especially in the summer! I also love to play piano and sing. I studied to become a
teacher at Concordia
College in Moorhead, MN I've run many races.
The longest race was
13.1 miles long. I've traveled a lot.
I've been to Europe,
Colombia, and all
over the USA. Welcome to room B-01!
Together, we can make
this an amazing last year
of elementary school!
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