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Jacques Cartier

No description

Sarah Bone

on 5 April 2013

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Transcript of Jacques Cartier

Budapest Canada
(Kanata) France Jacques Cartier Born: Dec.31,1491, St.Malo, Brittany Died: Sept.1,1557, St.Malo,Farnce (he was 65) Family: He was married to Catheren Degranges and had no kids, his praents where Geffline Jansart and Jamet Cartier His education: Well educated What did he do for a job: He was a Explorer and Navigator Challenges Jacques Cartier face on his first voyage One of the challenges was that his most crew got scurvy Another challenge was that there was no gold but there was fouls gold. Interesting facts about Jacques Cartier A quote - "I am inclined to believe this is the land god gave to cain" Jacques Cartier made three voyages to Canada. Why is Jacques Cartier is inportent and best known for Jacques Cartier gave Canada it's name but the name Jacques gave to Canada was "Kanata" not Canada Jacques Cartier is best known for exploring the St.Lawrence River and giving Canada it's name Jacques Cartier why did Jacques Cartier Sail to Canada Jacques Cartier went to Canada to find a new passage way to Asia . The boats he sailed on The Grand Hermine,
L'Emerillon and
Le Pettie hermine By: Sarah Bone
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