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Walmart Social Responsibilty

No description

Luke Sawa

on 25 September 2014

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Transcript of Walmart Social Responsibilty

Walmart Social Responsibilty Investigation
Sam Walton
Sam Walton has a dream
Sam's Club 1983
Hands over CEO position in 1988
CSR Initiatives
Community Scholarship
Associate Scholarships
Lou Puim Memorial Scholarship
Local Matching Grants
Walk for miracles
Canadian Red Cross National Fundraising Campaign
A Standard Walmart
Walmart's History
Hierarchy of needs
-Workers can't get full time jobs because walmart doesn't want to give benefits.

-Walmart fails to fulfill the needs of Maslows hierarchy of needs.

-Walmarts in the US have the right to fire people for being gay, and do so. (Bad CSR)
Quarterly Earnings 2009-2014 (FY10 - FY15)
Biographies of Executive Management and Board of Directors
Shareholders' Meeting Voting Results
Fun Walmart Facts
Employs more than US Army
Employs more than 7x population of Ireland
Bigger economy than Sweden
32 square miles, 15 300 football fields
In 2000 Walmart was sued 4851 times
2.4% added obesity rate/ 100 000 people
Workers Rights
-Employees are having a hard time enforcing there union rights.

-Employees are getting fired if there is even talk of a union.

-Makes for bad CSR when reported on the news.

-Walmart would lose a lot of money if their workers were unionised.

Employee Benefits
Must be full time
10% off with additional on holidays
401k plan
Part prescription coverage
Health plan
In essence, Walmart has undergone fifty years of preventing it's employees from having livable work spaces and lives outside of Walmart. Of course, they did do that one good thing with hurricane relief which almost makes up for the fifty years of dangerous environments and unfairness.
Sam and his dog
Walmart : A Global CSR Nightmare

Overtime with pay
Wellness programs
Any additional employee support programs
Add childcare program
Things they are Missing
-Walmart bribed Mexican officials with more than $24 mllion.

-Walmart's vice president of communications resigned

- George Brand Clothing

-Wages in America

More Environmental Programs/Charitable Donations
More Employee Benefits
Increased Wages
Encourage Other Companies to be Charitable
Don't Bribe Mexico
CSR Initiatives: What Can Be Added Or Improved:
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Include annual reports
Mention Cayman Islands
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