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Copy of My NQT Year - Highs and Lows

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Rekha Karsan

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of Copy of My NQT Year - Highs and Lows

My GTP & NQT year Rekha Karsan
ICT Teacher
Rushey Mead Secondary School The Lows Admin,Admin...more admin! ...the bits they don't tell you about Reports.
Following up incidents.
Filling in forms. Having slogged through
a term, the early mornings,
the meetings, the late nights, the weekends spent marking... The Highs! My Form A new Year 7 form that will no doubt become a group of thoroughly entertaining, annoying, funny, irritating, amusing, bright, silly, needy young people.
Having the responsibility for GCSE ICT & GCSE Business I am really enjoying teaching Business as well as ICT.
We introduced a new business course this year and I have been responsible for preparing and delivering the course.
Getting Involved I previously ran a Bollywood Club. As the boys didn't seem too interested in this, even the shy girls came and took part. I accompanied the Year 7
trip to France! Camping! Overall, I have had a fantastic GTP year. Teaching is hard-work but incredibly fulfilling! Some tips for preserving your sanity
in your NQT year. I use the term 'sanity' loosely, you must be
a little insane to teach. Manage your time effectively – use your frees and try not to take too much work home! (although sometimes this is inevitable!)
Use the staff room - It is your communication hub, it's also the fastest way to get to know everyone
Get involved but don’t take on too much
Be philosophical – There is no such thing as the perfect teacher or the perfect lesson.
Don’t lose your sense of humour!
Leave your school baggage in school...take your marking home by all means but try to switch off when you get home! Welcome to the world of teaching! Hurrah! School Holidays! The Relationships As a teacher I am meeting people at a critical point in their life, and have a chance to build into their lives and build great relationships. It's fantastic!
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