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Ring of Fire-Mauna Loa

No description

Kevin Forrester

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of Ring of Fire-Mauna Loa

The large series of volcanoes (some active) encircling the Pacific Ocean are referred to as being part of the Ring of Fire, and notorious for frequent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.
Ring of Fire-Mauna Loa
Ehow-Active volcanoes in Hawaiian Islands-Mauna Loa, which reaches 13,679 feet, covers half of the big island of Hawaii. Its name means "Long Mountain" in Hawaiian. Mauna Loa has erupted more than 30 times since 1832.
Bing -Eruption of the Mauna Loa
When was Mauna Loa's last eruption?
Mauna Loa, a sheild volcano located in Hawaii, last erupted in 1984. Geologists believe it started erupting about 700,000 years ago and is still considered active.
Mauna Loa
Facts- Mauna Loa has an estimated volume of 75,000 cubic km, and its magma chamber extends about 3 miles below sea level.-Primary Facts
The Mauna Loa volcano is located on the main island of Hawaii, in the Pacific Ocean.
World Atlas
By: Jasmine Forrester
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