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cosmetic surgery

No description

kaela artman

on 29 May 2014

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Transcript of cosmetic surgery

the reason why most people choose cosmetic surgery to please themselves not to please others
cosmetic surgery can give people back their self-esteem
cosmetic can enhance careers and relationships and provide salvation for those who are unhappy

point: Cosmetic surgery offers hope for the disheartened
cosmetic surgery
sometimes teen can get cosmetic surgery
most teens view cosmetic surgery of a way to fit in , look acceptable to friend
but for adults , adults view plastic surgery as a way to stand out from everyone else
people turn to cosmetic surgery/plastic surgery to change the way the look or if they don't like how they see themselves
for some people the want to be different from everyone else in the world
people get plastic surgery for help

nose reshaping
ear surgery
acne and acne scar treatment
breast reduction
liposuction ( removes fat)
eyelid surgery
tummy tuck
The most common procedures
Average cost between $7,000 and $9,000 for a face lift in the us as of 2008
some people will put their lives on the line to save money for the surgery
such surgeries involve the catting of skin,muscle,cartilage and bone and the removal of tissues, which one gone, cannot be replaced
such surgeries is painful and lengthy with on guarantee that the results will be what the patient had in mind
Counterpoint: cosmetic surgery is dangerous and costly trend
it can take up to 2 weeks to recover and most people can go back to work within a few day.
eyelid surgery
most of the swelling will go away during the first 48 hours and the brushing will be gone by 2-3 weeks after surgery

how long it takes to recover when surgery is done
The effects
Am i thin enough yet by : Sharlene hesse-biber (book)

discomfort is usually short lived and most patients are free of pain within in a week
swelling the procedure puts stress on treatment area that will result in swelling immediately after treatment and in the following week
brushing is common side effect of liposuction,patients will experience deeper brushing that lasts for up to 6 weeks
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