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No description

Meara McCabe

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of Skins

by: Meara McCabe
Volume 1 & 2
The Characters
Tony Stonem
Tony is the first character you meet in the U.K. series, Skins. Tony represents the dream of every parent; He is academically talented, handsome, loved by many and often gets his own way.
Sid Jenkins
Michelle Richardson
Cassie Ainsworth
Chris Miles
Jal Fazer
Maxxie Oliver
Anwar Kharral
Effy Stonem
Volume 3 & 4
Effy Stonem
Pandora Moon
Thomas Tomone
James Cook
Freddie McClair
JJ Jones
Emily Fitch
Katie Fitch
Naomi Campbell
Volume 5 & 6
Franky Fitzgerald
Alo Creevey
Rich Hardbeck
Minnie McGuinness
Liv Malone
Grace Blood
Nick Levan
Matty Levan
Alex Henley
Despite this, his centric episode, he has a
much darker side to his personality, and his
manipulative ways go unnoticed by many for
some time. He dates Michelle, and although he has cheated on
her with Abigail and Maxxie, he expresses his love for her. Immediately after admitting this, he is hit by a bus, leaving him mentally impaired and unable to recall certain events or people. After working long and ceaselessly, Tony slowly regains his memories and abilities. He also cares a lot for his younger sister Effy because she loves him for who he really is. He reconciles with Michelle and Sid at the end of series 2.
Sid is desperate to get a girlfriend and his love for Michelle makes him oblivious to Cassie's affection for him. Cassie's feelings are revealed to Sid, and the two begin a long-distance relationship with each other when Cassie moves to Scotland. They split up briefly when Sid cheats on her
with Michelle, because he thought
he saw Cassie cheating on him, but
then reunite. When Cassie runs away to New York at the end of the series, Sid follows her. Sid admires Tony, although this admiration wavers towards the end of the first series as he realizes how Tony has manipulated him. He and Tony continue to have a falling out throughout much of series 1 and 2, but they eventually patch up their relationship.
Michelle is Tony's girlfriend, even though Sid
has a crush on her, something which she is
well aware of. Despite her lack of interest in
academics, she is a talented
linguist, and appears to be fluent
in French and Spanish.
She breaks up with Tony after she sees him
cheating on her with Maxxie. At the end of the
first series, Tony confesses his love for her
before being hit by the bus. After the accident which leaves Tony without memory of his feelings for her, Michelle tries many times to get him to remember but eventually gives up and gets with Sid instead. After Tony remembers his affection for her and lets her know this, Michelle admits that she loves him as well, and get back together again.
After suffering from an eating disorder,
Cassie is admitted into a rehab clinic. She
harbors a deep affection for Sid and
eventually they get together. They go
through a rough period when Sid believes that Cassie was unfaithful during her stay in Scotland. She worries about the different futures they will have after college. After witnessing Chris's death, she flees to New York, soon to be followed by Sid.

Chris is the teenage party animal. After his mother leaves unexpectedly, he is forced to live on campus in student lodging. His crush on psychology teacher Angie leads to a relationship, despite Angie's uneasiness with the situation. Chris is eventually expelled from college, consequently forcing him out of student housing
and into a job. He becomes interested in Jal, and the two become
involved in a relationship. Jal falls pregnant with his baby. Chris
dies from a subarachnoid haemorrhage in Series 2, Episode 9
Maxxie is an openly gay character who has an affinity for dance. He has expressed to his parents on several occasions that he does not wish to further his studies in
college, but wants to pursue a dancing
career. He is stalked by a strange girl
named Sketch, who – when unable to
achieve Maxxie's attention – dates Anwar
and attempts to turn him into a clone of Maxxie.
Anwar is a Muslim boy with a dominating family, and is criticised because of his selective approach to his faith: he attributes his dislike of gay people to
the Koran, but has no qualms about
sex, alcohol, or drugs. He engages in a relationship with Sketch, even though his best friend Maxxie disapproves of their relationship.
Sketch attempts to change Anwar into a clone of Maxxie, but when Anwar finds out, he dumps her.
Effy is attractive to all around her, utterly in control of herself and totally independent. Effy is the younger sister of Tony, one of the characters from the first two seasons of the series. In comparison to her initial mute personality of the first series, she has proven to be quite adventurous, open-minded and promiscuous
Sketch lives with her mom, who has multiple sclerosis, in the same block of flats as Maxxie. She stalks and dangerously obsesses over him, and tells her mother that Maxxie is her boyfriend, despite the fact that he is gay. Maxxie reveals to Sketch that he has no interest in her, so Sketch dates Anwar, attempting to turn him into a clone of Maxxie.
Jal is a musician who plays the clarinet. She spends much of her time practicing for the
Musician of the Year, but does not win. She
lives with her dad, a well known celebrity and
two brothers, Lynton and Ace. She
and her dad do not have a very close relationship, mostly because Jal feels her father ignores her completely. She grows a fondness for Chris, and after the two become a couple, she becomes pregnant with his child, but she later aborts it.
Enigmatic and elusive, Effy’s the queen bee - attractive to all around her, utterly in control of herself and totally independent. Effy is the younger sister of Tony Stonem and best friend to Pandora Moon, despite their conflicting personalities. In comparison to her initial mute personality in the first series, she has proven to be quite adventurous,

open-minded and promiscuous. In the third series, Effy is shocked to discover that her mother has been having an affair with her father's boss, which leads to her parents getting a divorce. Effy becomes involved in a love triangle with James Cook and Freddie McClair. However - eventually,
she chooses Freddie and admits that she has fallen in love with
him. In series four, Effy and Freddie begin an official relationship.
Meanwhile, Effy establishes a close friendship with her former
rival, Katie Fitch - leaving behind the previous hostility and
bitterness that they felt for each other. After showing signs of manic behavior, she is diagnosed with psychotic depression and attempts to commit suicide, but Freddie is able to find her in time and saves her life. Effy receives medical treatment in a psychiatric hospital and slowly begins recovering from her mental illness with the help of her mother, close friends, and new psychiatrist.
Pandora is Effy's naive and immature friend. She was introduced in a guest appearance in series two. In series three, Pandora falls in love with Thomas Tomone, but after he is forced to return to Africa, she loses her virginity to – and enters a sexual affair with – James Cook. Thomas returns, is devastated when he learn of about her infidelity, and thereafter is miserable in his relationship. In series four, Thomas sleeps with a member of his church, which leads to another breakup between Thomas and Pandora. Due to excellent results in her exams, Pandora is accepted on a history scholarship at Harvard University. In the final episode, it is implied that another reconciliation will occur between Pandora and Thomas.
Friendly, honest and spiritual, Thomas is an immigrant from the Congo. Due to his African upbringing, he finds it difficult to understand and adjust to the British way of life. In series three, he encounters trouble in Johnny White, a local gangster. Through his efforts to defeat Johnny, Thomas forms a close bond with Pandora Moon. Soon after, he is forced to go back to the
Congo. When he returns, Thomas continues to
date Pandora until he finds out that she has been cheating on him
with James Cook; but eventually, he forgives her. In series four,
Thomas is expelled from college for his involvement in Sophia's
death. Feeling depressed, he distances himself from Pandora and has sex with a fellow member of his African church community. When Pandora learns the truth, she ends their relationship. Thomas has a brief flirtation with Katie, although they decide to just remain friends when Thomas admits his remaining feeling for Pandora. In the final episode, Thomas and Pandora appear to be friendly with each other again and he tells her that he will be attending Harvard University on an athletic scholarship.
Freddie is friends with Cook and JJ. He smokes weed with his mates, skateboards, and hangs out with his friends in his backyard shed.[9] After the love triangle between Cook, Effy, and Freddie has reached a climax, he takes Effy's actions as rejection, tries to move on, and forms a sexual relationship with Katie. However, in the next series, Freddie and Effy begin a relationship, although it is threatened when Effy deals with mental health issues and attempts suicide. Near the end of Series 4, Freddie is beaten and presumably killed by Effy's counselor, John Foster.
JJ has a huge imagination, which is shown by his enthusiasm for magic.
With his childlike excitement, he is known to create his own entertaining schemes. JJ is well-spoken and has a vast knowledge in Maths and Science, but he lacks basic
social skills due to his high-functioning autism. Because of his disorder, JJ's behaviour can be rather unpredictable and he needs a constant large supply of medications. He is best friends with Freddie McLair and James Cook, who always help him whenever he is in kind of any trouble. In series 3, JJ is stuck in the middle when Cook and Freddie fight over Effy. He tries to fix their friendship on many occasions to no avail. He develops a close friendship with Emily Fitch and she allows him to lose his virginity to her as a "one-time charity event". In series four, JJ finds love with Lara Lloyd, a single mother and bonds with her baby son, Albert. Through their relationship, JJ discovers a new-found confidence in himself and he begins to doubt whether he really needs to be so highly medicated for his whole life
Emily loves being a twin much more than her sister, Katie. With her quiet and introverted personality, Emily is often bullied and taken advantage of by her dominant twin sister and depends on Katie to be the dynamic one. As the series progresses, she begins to come out of her shell and strives for individuality. She began the series as a closeted lesbian, but eventually came out to her friends and loved ones, including Naomi, with whom she is in love. She is close friends with JJ, and allows him to lose his virginity with her, despite her sexual orientation. This, among other issues including Naomi cheating on Emily, cause problems between the couple over Series 3 and 4.
Katie tries to shed her identical twin skin, Emily, establishing her individuality and seemingly trampling on her sister as she does so.[10] Although she is initially shaken by Emily's lesbianism, she eventually accepts it, but is
hesitant to embrace Naomi. Although she is one of the more popular girls at Roundview, she is heavily disliked because of her dominant, nasty, and selfish personality, making her close to nobody in the gang. In Series 3, Katie tries numerous attempts to become Effy's best friend, which evidently doesn't go so well. When Freddie attempts to move on from Effy, he rebounds with Katie, which inevitably doesn't end well. In Series 4, after learning of her parents' financial woes, she attempts to help her mum with a wedding planning business. However when this fails, she is forced to move with her family into Naomi's house, much to her chagrin. She also learns that she went through a premature menopause, rendering her infertile. By the fourth series, Katie has a change in attitude and becomes much more respected by the gang and a source of strong support for Emily.
Naomi is a passionate, political, and principled individualist.[10] She questions her sexual orientation at the beginning of Series 3 and later enters a relationship with Emily. After cheating on Emily with Sophia, and furthermore after Sophia commits suicide, their relationship becomes strained but they were finally back together on the final episode of series 4.
Impulsive and eccentric, Cook, who is known by his last name, loves to have a good time and is constantly the life and soul of any party.[7] Cook shows a great interest in the ladies, and all his partying routinely gets out of hand, leading him into trouble. Previously good friends with
Freddie and JJ, his sexual relationship
with Effy has gotten between them.
Although Effy chooses to be with Freddie,
and he has renewed his friendship with JJ
and Freddie, his feelings for Effy remain strong. After seeing Freddie and Effy together at a party, Cook takes out his frustration on a guy standing near him, leaving the guy in hospital. Cook is charged with GBH (Grievous Bodily Harm) and is brought to court where he initially pleads 'not guilty', an act that gets him expelled from college. He then sees the error of his ways and pleads 'guilty'. He is sent to prison but escapes. He then evades the police, hiding in various friends' houses. At the climax of series 4, Cook discovers his friend Freddie's blood-soaked belongings, and confronts Doctor Foster. He describes himself as what he is, a reckless, seemingly useless individual, and in what appears to be a final act, shouts his name and lunges at Foster, ending the series.
What is Skins?
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