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Cell Growth Intro

No description

Nicole Sheppard

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of Cell Growth Intro

Why is it Important? Chapter 10: Cell Growth and Division Warm Up! Rohan's Story Why is it bad for cells to grow uncontrolled? 1. What happens to cells when a living thing grows?
Ex) a baby growing into a teen; into an adult
a) cells grow larger
b) more cells are made/produced Rohan's Story What happens when a cell does not divide correctly? Vocabulary--
Cancer: a disorder in which some of the body's own cells lose the ability to control their growth
Cancer cells do not respond to the signals that stop or regulate the growth of cells Answer: b) more cells are made/produced Rohan's Story In cancer, cells divide 24/7 and form masses of cells called tumors
This growth can damage other tissues in your body
Cancer has many causes:
Tobacco, radiation, virus infections etc On average, the cells of an adult are the same size as a baby's cells--there are just more of them Why do cells divide? Remember, cells do not get larger as we grow
Cells multiply as we grow Why do cells divide? Two main reasons: 1. DNA "overload"
When a cell is small, the DNA in the nucleus can meet the cell's needs
Ex) DNA library
2. Exchanging materials
Materials and wastes pass through the cell membrane
Rate: how fast these materials enter and leave the cell
Has to do with the surface area and volume of the cell
Why do cells divide? Surface area: (length)(width)(6)
Volume: (length)(width)(height)
Surface/Volume = Ratio

Volume increases much faster than the surface area
How does this cause problems for the cell?
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