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Seamus O'Doherty

No description

Nicholas lambert

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of Seamus O'Doherty

Seamus O'Doherty
Video Game Commentator on YouTube
Also goes by names such as:
and O'Doherty

Has Uploaded near 11,500 Videos seance February of 2008.
That is 5 and a half years which makes him upload on average 5-6 videos a day.
A humerus person
Most people watch his videos every day for the humor in his videos but a lot of the time people watch them to escape the horrible world that exist around us. He has received multiple messages from people all around the world saying he is the reason why they are still alive.
Just doesn't care.
Nicholas Lambert
Is part of "The Creatures" and YouTube Machinima
Seamus is currently 25 years old.
Has over 1,050,000 Subscribers
He has over 11,400 videos on his channel.. not including his deleted/removed videos.
Has over 550,000,00 video views
Is an only child
Hated High school.. A lot..
Video Series
Has completed over 100 video games on his channel including Left 4 Dead series, Gears of War, Sly Cooper series, Dark/Demon Souls, Need for Speed, Mario series including Mario hacks, Grand Theft Auto, Batman series, Etc.
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