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Resume ; 8th Grade Student Job

No description

Chyna Barnett

on 29 August 2013

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Transcript of Resume ; 8th Grade Student Job

Resume ; 8th Grade Student Job
I am looking to obtain a math student carrer for the 8th grade. Also , to get my 8th grade OAA score back were it was or at least by 420 or 450 or higher like my 6th grade OAA score . I've DROPED over 5O points and that is unacceptable . So in conclusion I will study , work hard , & acheive my GOALS .
5th - 8th Grade 2O1O - 14
Nathan Hale , Cleveland OH

4th Grade 2OO9 - 1O
Gracemount Elementary School , Walden Ave. & E 161st St

3rd Grade 2OO8 - O9
Adlai Stevenson , Walden Ave. & E 117th St

2nd - K Grade 2OO3 - 2OO9
Gracemount Elementary School , Walden Ave . & E 161st St

Education Experience
I've been babysitting for about 2 years now. Children from2 months - 1O years old . When I was in 3rd grade at Adlia Stevenson I was ib their chour and I proformed downtown at the Rock&Roll Hall of Fame and was on the news . My 7th grade year I made it to the TOP 6 in track for the 16OO(1mile). The summer of 2O1O , I got a Leadership Award at Camp Forbes. Then the year after that I went to a all girls Leadership.Youth camp and got another Leadership award & an youths award also. In the past years I've had ONLY Honor & Merot roll . Then on the OAA I have ONLY scored 4OO on all the OAA test's I have ever took.
Roller Skate , Work Tech. , Ahletic ( Basketball , Track , Soccer , Marathon ) , I'm VERY Good AT Division , & Can Learn things VERY QUICKLY .
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