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highland pony

No description

Stefani Resnick

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of highland pony

Highland Pony 12.3 - 14.2 hands 1st key characteristic:
Height hauling timber and ploughing fields Use for today... - originate from Scotland
- fossil remains found shows that they have been there since before the Ice Age
-their general purpose back in the day was for traveling, warfare, trading, and agricultural activities
- one small type of a Highland Pony still exists as the Eriskay Pony, which is extremely rare to see
- today, there is an estimated amount of 5,500 Highland Ponies, which are mostly in Europe History - Highland Pony Society
- The Scottish Highland Pony Society of North America (SHPSNA) Breed Organizations - it has adapted to the severe climate and environmental conditions of Scotland
- has a winter coat that is a layer of strong badger-like hair over a soft dense undercoat
- this allows them to live in all types of weather What makes it unique? they are calm, level-headed, kind natured, and have an even temperament Personality it's a pony!! Pony, Light, or Draft? 2nd characteristic:
color -the highland pony society recognizes variation of shades referred to as "mouse", "grey", "cream", "fox dun", "oatmeal dun", "biscuit dun", seal brown, black, or liver chestnut.
- Dun-colored ponies have primitive markings like a dorsal stripe and some zebra markings on legs
- some foals show a slight seasonal change in color between winter and summer coats 3rd characteristic:
looks -strong-looking, heavy set pony with a big body, strong legs and hard, round feet.
- has a flowing mane and full tail 4th Characteristic:
working they are still used to extract deer carcases from the hill, Pony Trekking, croft work, and logging 5th characteristic:
Action it is straight and free moving without undue knee action Resources: - horseshow.central.com
- highland-pony.org/ponies.htm Stefani Resnick
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