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Computer Science

No description


on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of Computer Science

Computer Science
and Society

Before 1920s
human clerks that performed computations
1880, US Census
Population grown so large that it took years to tabulate it.
30.2% increase
Census Bureau contracted
Herman Hollerith
He build a tabulating machine that performed that task in years
Social Networking?
World War II
1941 Bombe
To decrypt Nazi military communications.
Many Bombe were built.
Together they dramatically improved the intelligence and processing capabilities of Allied forces.
Project Whirlwind
U.S. Navy approached MIT to build a flight simulator to train bomber crews.
Built in 1951, US Navy no more interested.
Bell Labs Contribution
1943: A machine for assisting anti-aircraft guns was completed by Bell Labs, for U.S. Army.

1944: Ballistic Computer for calculating ballistic trajectories.

1945: Second Ballistic Computer
1944 Colossus
Designed by Britishers to break
the complex Lorenz ciphers used
by Nazis.
Personal Computing
Modern Era
Long distance communication
World Trade and Commerce
Personal Entertainment
Software Industry
Computers enter the world of trade and commerce.
Companies were using computers to increase efficiency, e.g. management, process scheduling, employees could use computers to do necessary calculations, documentation, etc.
As time passes, advancement in computers make it possible for people to have one at home.
Late 20th Century
In 21 century computers became inseparable part of Society at various levels
Personal Level
Personal Level
Education and learning
Advancement in Science and Technology
Many other...
Education and Learning
Mass Education
Smart Classrooms
Online free courses
MIT OpenCourseWare
Interactive Self Study
Android Apps
Huge Knowledge Base available
Google Scholar
Animations for better understanding
Class Quiz and On Spot evaluation
Smart Boards
Live Classrooms in remote areas
Other interactive learning tools
Advancement in Science and Technology
Handling large data sets and analysis
Numerical Simulations
Model fitting
Prototype Building
Advancement of various fields like Computational Biology, Computational Fluid Dynamics
Other Benefits
Online Shopping and Banking
Social Networking
Medical Revolutions
Cashless Society
Media..and so on.
Unintended impacts on society
Changing Social Patterns
Spending more time with technology than family
Identity Theft
Access to Immoral things
Faster but may not better communication
Internet Crime
Distraction from reality
Design for senses
Increasing Satisfaction Level:
Reading news on:
Mobile/Laptop (aprox. equal) Current newspaper
Future Newspaper
(More news & Less Score)
(Less News & More Score)
(More News & More Score)
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