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welcome to my prezi of

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thames thames

on 27 September 2015

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Transcript of welcome to my prezi of

deimos is about 4.5 million years same age as mars old maybe its not true
.deimos to mars the distens is 23.460km
it takes 30.4 hours to deimos go around mars.and its shaped as
a potato
deimos is a asteroid. mars the god of war had two horses called deimos and phobos and deimos minning
fear and panic that how it gut its name .

Deimos is one of the smallest moons in our solar systeam it is further from mars so every day so
it gets closer to other planets orbit.
welcome to my prezi of
deimos was discovery in august 12 1877
the distance from earth is 77.790.000km
who discovered deimos was Asaph hall
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