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The Great Gatsby and the 1920s

No description

Catherine Reddy

on 28 February 2012

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Transcript of The Great Gatsby and the 1920s

The Great Gatsby and the 1920s F.Scott Fitzgerald, author of the timeless classic, The Great Gatsby, shows the clash between traditional and modern values in the 1920s through women's roles, people's behavior, and the importance of image. "'I'm glad it's a girl, and I hope she'll be a fool-that's the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool.'"(17) vs. Jordan Daisy (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr Traditional Women vs. Modern Women Values Lifestyle Daisy Jordan Appearance
Social Interactions Work
Career Oriented
Some Leisure
Social Interactions
(cc) photo by medhead on Flickr Traditional Wilson Modern Gatsby The Balance of Status in Society Inherited some money
Craved status
Trying to get rich quick through illegal business
Values appearance
"American Dream"
Poor Background
No status
High Ambition
Hard working
"American Dream" "'It's just a crazy old thing,' she said. 'I just slip it on sometimes when I don't care what I look like.'"(31) Traditional Modern Women in the 1920's Stayed at home
Wives & mothers
No public role in society

Involved in workforce
19th Amendment
Independent Women in The Great Gatsby Importance of Image Flappers in 1920's People's behavior Flappers went against the
traditional view of how
women should behave.
They showed more skin,
wore excessive amounts
of makeup, treated sex
in a casual manner,
drank, smoked, etc. Myrtle's attempt to
appear wealthy only
shows how much of a
wannabe she is. She wants
to fit into Tom's lifestyle by
trying to create an image
of being rich. Since Daisy is very
traditional, her image
is very important to her.
Despite her knowledge of
Tom's affair with Myrtle, she
remains satisfied in their
marriage. She needs security,
and being married within
her own status provides
that security. Prohibition Credit Daisy's in love
with Gatsby Daisy stays
married to
Tom Tom has affairs
throughout his
marriage with
Daisy, which
she knows
about -Much more spending going on
-Many people were throwing money in the stocks irresponsibly hoping to be wealthier
-Money was being spent on artificial things: clothes, cars, bigger houses, etc
-Everyone flaunted their money around through what they could buy
-The idea of buying something in the moment, and paying later was appealing & it made it easier for everyone to splurge
The 1920's was a huge growth period but also a time of rebellion. Many people went against the social norms of traditional behavior. Fitzgerald presented women's roles, people's behavior, and the importance of image to show how much the nation had changed in the 1920's. He does it in a way that exhibits how the modern views and values of the post WWI generations clashed with the traditional views. West Egg East Egg Modern vs. Traditional Parties Behavior Guests Tacky
Very open Relaxed
Only there for a "good time" Cordial invitations

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