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echale! a tu casa

No description

Susie Richetti

on 2 May 2014

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Transcript of echale! a tu casa

30% to 60% Interest
from Financial Intermediaries
Current Micro Financing Interest Rates for Homes
Unaffordable Home
Echale's Solution...
10% to 11%

Loans Through Social Housing Financial Fund
Home Solutions
Immediate Growth X2
Partnerships Increases Social Impact
Health Improvement Environmental Preservation
Crime Reduction Economic Sustainability
Educational Empowerment Community Development
Empowering Communities...
2X IMPACT! + Sustainable Replication Throughout the Americas and World
25 Years of Experience with
our Proven Model of Success =
150,000 Home Improvements,
30,000 Self-Built Homes,
900,000 Individuals Impacted!

Poverty Is a World Crisis!
El Salvador
Every Day Families are in Danger.

They are not Alone,
They are not Unique.

Echale Seeks Out Unattended Populations and Teaches Them How to Work Together !
Potential Growth Throughout Latin America = X10 Greater
Empowering Families Changes Lives...
...Changes Countries!
Social Financial Impact of Echale + abc*
In Mexico Alone
30 Million
People Living in Hazardous Conditions
Social Benefits to the Community Include
The World Lacks an Efficient Micro-Mortgage Model
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