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Artist Statement

Ting-Jung Shao

Tyler Boyd

on 7 February 2010

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Transcript of Artist Statement

"Being a participant in this universe, I have been asking these questions ever since my younger days; Why was I born? Why am I here? For the very reason that I am strongly interested in our species, my work in ceramics has always used the sculpting of human figures to reflect the artists concepts." Using different combinations of clay figures, I demonstrate the tension, hostility and dependence of people with their society, as with the harmonious or destructive relationship between man and nature. Enlarging the limbs of the human figures is to project a freeze frame record of the environment and myself. According to the bible, God created the image of man from earth. Every individual is thus unique and precious. Shao Ting-Ju This reflects the fact that we cannot choose our sex, race or nationality in advance when we are born. Each element is unique, this constitutes the universe and the nature of our existence. Effectively, it is telling us to be generous in our forgiveness, which is what Mother Nature has been to us as well.
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