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Phases of my Life


Jake T

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Phases of my Life

Phases of my Life New Moon I am told this is one of my most memorable
phases of my life. I think this is one of my parents favorite stages. This is the stage, well... when I was born. But in this stage there's more. All babies will just eat there baby food and go to sleep. Not me. I was an amazingly fussy eater. If my food even looked like vegetables, I would not even touch it. Waxing Crescent I relate to the Waxing Crescent stage when I was a toddler .This is the stage of my life where I always wanted to be around you. I was always fascinated with anything that was going on. The other part of this stage is that I always wanted you to know what I was doing. First Quarter I relate to the First Quarter moon stage
very much. In the real sky this is when
the moon starts to get noticed. This is
the same in my life. This is when I started to go to school. At school this is the stage where I started to get competitive. In kindergarden I started to excel on the work they gave me. Since in that grade I was at the top of my class, I felt that thats the way it should be for the rest of my life. Waxing Gibbous The Waxing Gibbous stage of my life was very important. This
is the stage where I realized that one day I was going to grow up.
In this stage I started to think about some of the jobs that I could
be when I grow up. The first job I ever wanted to be was a Police Man. I'm not sure if it was just the first job I thought of, but I had my mind set on being a police man. Throughout my life I have wanted to be lot's of different things. For example, right now I want to be a lawyer. Most of the jobs have been picked for a good reason. I'm guessing that I picked a Police Man because I wanted to feel important and for people to look up to me. Oh and by the way, another thing I wanted to be was a mascot. Full Moon The Full Moon stage of my life is where i'm
at right now. I would like to be a lawyer when
I grow up and I am almost obsessed with the
Calgary Flames. I really enjoy playing hockey
and it would be a dream of mine to play in the
NHL. But I also like playing other sports, like
baseball. And in this stage I do NOT like to get
up in the morning. Waning Gibbous The Waning Gibbous stage is what I would
like my future to be like. In the future I would
like to have graduated law school (to be a lawyer)... Have a family... And become a lawyer... Thank you for watching my phases
of my life presentation! By: Jake Thrasher
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