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3D Printing

No description

T'Keyaha Sawyers

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of 3D Printing

T’Keyaha Sawyers, Ethan Groves, Quinn Liu, Sloane Neidig
Phase 2: Analysis
Phase 3: Design
Phase 1:
Topic, Client, and System Concept Statement
Phase 5:
Analytic Evaluation
: Assistive Technologies (AT) Lab

: Christa Miller, Braille Translator

: Online repository of 3D models

: Simultaneously provide visually impaired students with an improved way of learning by appealing to their sense of touch while decreasing the work load of the AT Lab
Contextual Inquiry
Interview with Christa Miller
Walk through of current process
Create WAAD
Create work activity notes from the raw data in interview
Build WAAD using listhings.com
Categories: Features, Difficulties, Current Tools, Current Tasks, Requests, Time Management, 3D Printers
Design Requirements Extraction
Create Flow & Social Model Diagrams

WAAD: Work Activity Affinity Diagram
Before & After Flow Model Diagrams
Social Model Diagram
Phase 4: Prototyping
Mary Johnson, an overworked lab technician in her mid-thirties who is constantly trying to print 3D models for professors and students
High-fidelity, "T" prototype


Quick Demo

: New & Frequent Users
Evaluation Tasks
Navigate to Site
Register an account
Search & Download
Check out Featured Model
Log out
Evaluation Questions
Briefly explain what you did.
Is this a reasonable/appropriate task?
Is the control for the action visible/intuitive?
Is there a strong link between the action & control?
Is feedback appropriate?
Did you have to make any assumptions?
Future Directions
Design Requirements
Initially: Did not implement unnecessary requirements
In the future: Incorporate unused requirements
(Request, Commenting, Voting systems)

Evaluation Suggestions
Add majority of suggestions (minor, cosmetic changes)
Log out confirmation, Register button, Updated search feature
We learned how to...
Design Requirements
Searching: keywords, category, favorite, popular
analyze and observe the user's environment to identify problems

decipher user needs via Design Informing Models and WAAD

draft out designs by creating personas, wireframes, and sketches
different types of wireframes

evaluate designs effectively using analytical evaluations
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