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Unit 1 Project

No description

aman alemseghed

on 23 September 2016

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Transcript of Unit 1 Project

A point is "An exact location in space"
For example on a "connet the dots'" worksheet like you would get in elementary school where you connect lines by dots those dots are also points where the line segments meet on the drawing.
A ray is "Part of a line that starts at an endpoint and goes on forever in one direction"
For example an arrow is a ray because it points only in one direction with one endpoint and when fired it flies in one direction.
A Line is "part of a line that starts at an endpoint and goes on forever in one direction"
For example the light on a lighthouse shines in 2 directions with zero endpoints forever so sailors can see in the night
Intersecting Lines
Intersecting lines are "Lines that touch or cross at a specific point"
For an example an Intersection in traffic is where 2 roads meets, One going from north to south and the other ging from east to west and the intersect and the crossroads where the is usually a traffic light to prevent accidents from happening
A segment is "part of a line that has 2 endpoints"
For example when your driving on the freeway the distance between 2 exits is a segment of the entire freeway. If the highway was 50 miles long and every mile there was another exit, those single miles are a segment of the entire 50 miles.
Parallel Lines
Parallel lines are "Lines that stay the same distance away from each other and never intersect"
For example when your walking down the sidewalk there is pavement on each side of the road that never intersect or cross to keep you safe and away from cars in traffic
Unit 1 Project

By Aman Alemseghed
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