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Muscles- Microscopic Structure

No description

Michael Burke

on 4 May 2017

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Transcript of Muscles- Microscopic Structure

Skeletal Muscle
identify the microscopic structures of skeletal muscle tissue
Today we will:
identify the types of muscle tissue.
Muscle Types
Our Primary Focus
Wide Spread
Large Number of Mitochondria
Highly Aerobic
Can regenerate but very slowly.
Intercalated discs support synchronized contraction of cardiac tissue
The lack of striations gives it more elasticity
In a WIDE array of body structures.
Muscle Fiber
Functional Unit of Muscle
A "train" of sarcomeres
Sarcoplasmic Reticulum
A membrane that surrounds the Myofibril and releases calcium as part of the sliding filament theory.
Similar to a Smooth ER
The actual Muscle Cell
A collection/bundle of Myofibrils
Connective Tissue that holds muscle cells together.
Huge and Multinucleated
Muscle Fascicle
A collection of Muscle Fibers/Cells
Connective Tissue that Binds Muscle Fascicles
Blood Vessels and Nerves Are Suspended Throughout
The organ of the Muscular System
The Connective Tissue that Binds the Muscle Together
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