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Curriculum Vitae

No description

Hugo Marquez

on 8 May 2018

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Transcript of Curriculum Vitae

Young adult
What's next...
Lake Balaton
Helping the family businesses:
B&B (catering)
Sailing trips (skipper)
Passenger services (driver)

Visited England as an exchange student for 6 month
Passed the advanced Cambridge English Exam

Lovassy László Grammar School
Graduated in both Hungarian and German
Worked as a German and English interpreter

Budapest Business School
Obtained diplomas in:
Teacher Training in Economics
Bachelor of Science in Economics (Catering and Hotel Management)

& Cycling
Won 6 Hungarian National Championships
Participated in two World Championships

My first job (with my new car:))
Became a Real Estate Agent, based in Balatonfüred, specified for overseas clients

Corning Hungary
Handling of incoming invoices
Data recording
Book-keeping with Oracle and People Soft software

Unisys Hungary
Service Desk Agent
Business Excellence team member
Resource Center Coordinator

Deutsche Telekom
Contract Manager
organized sales trainings
improved the relationship between Sales and Contract Management (using Prezi as a great tool)
Jobsharing with Sales
Contact me
2. Vak Bottyán Str, Szentendre H-2000
+36 30 507 9075
Cycling trip with Diana Pulsfort
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