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The Five dimensions of health

No description

Lachlan Pendleton

on 23 March 2014

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Transcript of The Five dimensions of health

The five dimensions of health
Physical Health
Physical health is how well our body systems function.
Two tings that will boost your physical health are regularly going to the gym/working out and or doing regular sport activities/keeping active.
Two places you van go to enhance your physical health are local sporting clubs and local/nearby gyms.
Spiritual Health
Spiritual health is how we see ourselves fitting into the world.
Two things you can do to improve your spiritual health are telling yourself positive things about you and pray to the Lord or god you worship every night sending thoughtful prayers.
Two services that can help you improve your spiritual health are church and or going to talks about God or anything to do with spiritual health.
Social Health
Social health is how well we relate to others.
Two ways you can improve your social health is constantly keeping in touch with friends/doing things with them, also you can talk to people you dont know and improve on that part of social health.
Two places that can help with
improving your social health are church/community groups and even sport clubs can help you meet other people and improve your social health.
Emotional health is how good wee feel about ourselves and others.
Two things you can do to progress your emotional health are, making sure your your physical health is good as it is linked to emotional health, and be useful to others, that will boost your self esteem.
Some local services that will help boost your emotional health are support groups, psychologist and councilors.
Cognitive health
Cognitive health is how well our mind functions.
Some ways you can improve your cognitive health are drinking wine and coffee, in study's it has shown wine and coffee help the mind think faster and more efficiently, also you can let your mind wander every once and a while as it helps your mind memorize things better.
Some local services that will help improve your cognitive health are psychologists, local GP's and help lines.
The five dimensions of health are:
Emotional and Cognitive.
By Lachlan Pendleton
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