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No description

Charlie Gallagher

on 22 May 2015

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Transcript of ISIS

Islami State of Iraq and Syria - Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant
Originated with Abu Musab al-Zarqawi
Jihad fighter during the 90's
Wanted his own terrorist group
Was joined with Al-Qaeda
Left once Al-Qaeda became big
Group grew, gained money and fighters
Managed to become one of the biggest terrorist groups in the Middle East
A Brief History
Income from oil, black market, weapons
Most guns at beginning were stolen from rebel groups in Syria during revolution
Lead by a Caliph, who today is Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi
How They Function
Wants no ground troops
Wants to bring soldiers home already from other wars/countries
Stop them at the source
Keep using drones
The President
Obama asks for authorization on the use of military force
If congress agreed, ground troops would be deployed
Congress says no ground troops
Beliefs, Desires of ISIS
In Sharia Law and religion in general
They believe that all must follow their rule
They are in the right, those who oppose must conceit or die
5 year plan that encompasses Africa and China
Believe that extreme acts of violence are justified
Wish to return the world to roughly the 7th century
Original extreme Islam and Sharia Law
Our Proposal
Cabinet believes drones can defeat ISIS
Planes (F-16) risk capture of plane and pilot. Malfunction of plane.
No more ground troops,sacrificed 4,000 troops
Changing the face of Modern War
Our Stance
In agreement with U.S. and foreign countries
The IS is a threat
Take caution
Help when needed
Take only appropriate action
ISIS Locations
Throughout the Middle East
Isis controls large parts of Iraq, as well as small parts of Jordan
Also present in Syria.
Action Against ISIS
No ground troops
Reduce drone strikes
Relatively down-low direct action
Direct attacks from ISIS
Extreme threats
Further resident hostages/executions
Actions With Other Countries
Assist foreign allies in the coalition
Avoid direct ground troops and strikes
Mainly stay out of foreign affairs
Ask for direct assistance
Direct attacks on close allies
Global Assistance
Give humanitarian aid
Continue training, helping soldiers
Involved, yet out of the way
In The U.S.
Keep the public informed
Be prepared for affirmative action
Be prepared for assistance
Maintain pressure
Maintain relationships with foreign countries
Maintain status in coalition
Cooperation towards goal
In This Presentation
How ISIS came to be
Their plans, wants, threats
How they are a threat
U.S. opinion
U.S., Obama, and Congress action
Foreign action, foreign opinion
Our proposal
Where Does America Come In?
ISIS has held hostages, executions on U.S. reports and residents
U.S. represents Western Culture, therefore hated by Islamic State
U.S. Public Opinion
Obama's military plan for ISIS:
Disapprove Approve
18-29 37% 43%
30-49 30% 52%
50-64 26% 58%
65+ 18% 61%
Foreign Opinion
On U.S. Drone/Airstrikes
Opinion On ISIS
Action And Aid From Other Countries
Australia, Belgium, and Britain all approve airstrikes
Canada: 230 tonnes of military suplies
France: 59 tonnes of cargo, reconnaissance flights
Germany: training Kurdish fighters, 36 tonnes of aid
Russia has not approved to join U.S. coalition, but still helps
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