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Disaster Preparedness 11.22.16

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Your Prezis

on 22 November 2016

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Transcript of Disaster Preparedness 11.22.16

Safety Protocols
Set the date!
Public Health
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Goodhue County, MN
Goodhue County, MN
Disaster Preparedness
Committee Meeting
Tuesday, November 22, 2016
- Introductions

- Overview of County

- Disasters We Face

- Focus Disaster - Nuclear (Special Guest)

- County Response

- Public Health Response

- Wrap Up

Severe Thunderstorm
Severe Winter Storm
Sinkholes & Land Subsidence
Extreme Temperatures
Crop Disaster
Solar Storm
Climate Change
Invasive Species
Dam & Levee Failure
Structural Fire
Water Supply Contamination
Hazardous Waste Generators
Train Derailment
Infectious Disease Outbreak

Population 46,435

780 square miles

Red Wing - County Seat

Mississippi River - Numerous Lakes

Goodhue County, MN
**Nuclear Plant Incidents**
Minnesota Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management
Robyn Wheeler
Safety Officer
Prairie Island Nuclear Station
Brittany Tenhoff
Goodhue County, MN
Sam Wood
Public Health Nurse
Goodhue County, MN
Katie Becker
Xcel Energy
Prairie Island Nuclear Generating
Power Plant
- Emergency Classification

- Nuclear Emergency Event

- Zones

- Prevention Measures
Goodhue County
Emergency Response
- Step 1 (Unusual Event)

- Step 2 (Second Alert System)

- Step 3 (General Emergency)
1. Purchasing more Hamm radios to have enough for two mobile communication stations

2. Set up a backup server for city files at the public works building

3. Maintaining roads

4. Improving communication to the Goodhue Public Schools

5. Purchasing cell boosters

6. Communication and network systems upgrade
County Communication Plan
- Vulnerable Populations

- Medical Availability

- Nursing Role

- Gaps / Improvements
Sam - County Response,
Alerts, Communication
Brittany - Nuclear Power, Plant Specific Protocols
Katie - Vulnerable Population,
Medical Availability, Gaps
Next Meeting Focus?
Thank you - Questions?

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