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No description

Aaliayh Mobley

on 4 September 2013

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Transcript of ccc

Aaliyah Mobley

Day 1
EQ:Why are in this class?

A:The reason why I am in this class because i would like to know what the really world feels like,and i know that this will get me ready for the real world.

R:The first day we didn't get to do any thing because we had to go to the Assembly to learn about the new dress code,and the new no technology rule.
EQ:What could you offer this job and what would you like your salary to be?

A:I would like my salary to be at least 4500000 dollars a year or more I know that I am worth every penny because I am hard working.I never miss a day of work unless I am on vacation.I am always on time i will work over time just to make sure everything is perfect .

R:Today we learned about a new web site and took a pop quiz.i got only 2 answer wrong .
Day 2
EQ:Do you agree with the school new policy & school of conduct?

A:The dress code i don't agree with because i don't think we need to wear a t-shirt under shier shirts i think we should be able to wear tank top.
Mobile i have to disagree only because i think that we should be able to listen to music at least at lunch.
I do agree with the no gang sign because they could be very scary for some people and gangs might fight with other gangs.

R:Today we learned about prezi and set up our own accounts.
Day 3
EQ:Why is a business mind important?Why is it necessary to dress the mind before they physical body?

A:If you have a prepared mind then you have an prepared body.I think you should dress how your mind feels.If you don't have a prepared mind then you will dress as good or be the best you can be.So it is very important to have a prepared mind.
Day 4
EQ:Compare and contrast two things you learned this wee?Explain how it can prepare you for the world?

A:I learned how i wanna dress and how i need to dress.i also learned that your mind needs to be prepared before you start anything.They are similar because both requires a proper state of mind
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