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Italian Geography

Interactive activity allowing students to match Italian pictures and cities.

Christine Baird

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Italian Geography

Rome Sicily Sardinia Venice Florence Pisa Connect Pictures and Terms
to appropriate areas
of the Map. A Walk Through History
7th Grade
Social Studies Learning Objectives:

Students will be able to geographically locate Italy and
the boundaries of the Roman Empire.
Students will be able to identify and interpret the history
and significance of the Roman Empire and the Renaissance
as related to Italian history and culture.
Students will be able to distinguish Italian art, food and
religion. Essential Question:

How has Italy's past shaped the future? Technology-Based Activities

Web Quest- Students will create a web quest about
an influential artist of their choosing,
who had a significant impact during the

Digital Storytelling- Students will create a digital story
about a cultural aspect of Italy that is
uniquely Italian. Assessment Summary As I begin this Unit I will see what my students know by doing a KWL
chart and a fun oral pre-test. Throughout the Unit, I plan on giving the
students quizzes to make sure they are understanding the material
presented. They will also be conducting group discussions and create
digital stories. To wrap up the Unit, I will have my students create a map
and a brochure to indicate all they have learned in the Unit. Differentiated Instruction Resource Student: These students will be placed in groups, and if needed their assignments will be modified.

Non-Native Speaker: Non-Native speakers will be given resources(dictionaries, online translators, bilingual instructors) as needed.

Gifted Student: The projects for these students will be modified as to be more challening.
Technology Rationale to expand students communication venues
to enhance students multimedia literacy
to prepare students to adapt to technology changes
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