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Handwashing! Food Poisoning! Kitchen Safety! Oh my!

Proper Handwashing Techniques, Preventing Food Bourne Illnesses, and Kitchen Safety Tips

Tavia Hall

on 21 March 2011

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Transcript of Handwashing! Food Poisoning! Kitchen Safety! Oh my!

Handwashing! Food Poisoning! Safety! Washing Rinsing Drying When to Wash Types of Food Poisoning OH MY! E. Coli Salmonella Staphylococcus Listeria Campylobacter Botulism Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea Properly wash fruits and vegetables, fully cook meat, drink only pasteurized beverages Bloody stools, nausea, vomiting Fully cook food, wash fruits and vegetables, only drink pasteurized beverages Nausea, vomiting, diahhrea, abdominal pain Wash foods before cooking or eating them, fully cook food, and make sure that the food isn't outdated Get your hands wet with WARM water Put a dime size amount in about your palm And, yes, we do expect you to know how big a dime is... Scrub, scrub, SCRUB! Wash for 20 seconds, or Twinkle, sing Twinkle Little Star Why is it important to use soap? Won't water do the job? Rinse off ALL the suds with the warmest water you can stand Leave the faucet on! Use a one-time use towel to dry your hands Turn off the faucet with that towel before throwing it away BEFORE eating cooking or AFTER using the bathroom sneezing coughing handling money touching your face or hair Diahhrea, abdominal pain, fever, linked to Gulliame Barre' neurological disorder Fully cook meat and only drink pasteurized and treated beverages Fever, headache, vomiting Wash fruits and vegetables, fully cook food, and only eat/drink pasteurized dairy products Double Vision,inability to swallow, impaired speech, progressive respiratory paralysis Properly can and store canned goods, fully cook fish Hepatitus A Inflammtion of the liver causing various abnormalities in liver function Eat fully cooked meat, especially in restraunts and fast food places;
There is also a vaccination for Hepatitus A No Cords in the Kitchen Carrying too Many Things Chemicals with Food? Don't Store Heavy Things on High Shelves Don't Stand on a Stool, Only Step Ladders Knives Can't be Put in the Kitchen Sink... ...or Left on the Counter Don't Leave Cabinets Open! You Could Hit Your Head Don't Cook With an Overly Cluttered Counter! Pull your Hair Back When You're Cooking Don't Reach over the Oven You've done half the work by watching our presenation... Now you have to apply it to your life.
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