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eLearning #3 Contacting your students

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Transcript of eLearning #3 Contacting your students

Peer Leader eLearning
Preparing to communicate with your students!
We are so excited to have you on the Peer Leader team!
Who are "we" you ask?
After viewing this presentation you will be able to:

Identify questions from students you can answer yourself and questions you should pass on to others
List guidelines for appropriate use of social media within your role as a Peer Leader
Identify who your Living-Learning Co-ordinator is
Pass the "Peer Leader eLearning quiz"
Send an introduction email to your students
This email will allow you to begin building your connection with your students now - before they go back to school and get stressed about classes, etc.
After the email
As you've probably figured out, the end goal of this eLearning is that you'll be sending your students an email.

Why do we want you to send an email before the term starts?
Completing the eLearning and then sending the email will take some time,
investing time now will help you connect with your students when you meet them in person.
Also, your Living-Learning Co-ordinator will provide you with a template so writing the email will be easy!
Once you send the email to your students you'll be opening the door to communication. You might get questions from your students (which is great, we questions!).
However, there are some things to keep in mind when answering questions.
The role of a Peer Leader
You'll learn detailed information about the role of a Peer Leader during your training. For now, it is important that you know a Peer Leader...
Is not:
A role model
A mentor
A person who can direct students to resources
An academic advisor

A counsellor

A residence admissions staff member
This means you can answer questions like...
You should refer questions like...
What resources can I access to improve time management?
Where do you go on campus for quiet study spaces?
How did you get involved in your first year?
Can I switch residence rooms?
What average do I need?
Can I drop this class?
Students look up to you
Students want to learn from your experience
Peer Leaders know what it is like to be in the academic program and they can share this experience with students. However, academic advisors are the experts who know the specific details about the programs (e.g. required courses, important dates, grade requirements, etc.). Remember - academic programs can and do change from year to year!
Professionals like Success Coaches and Counselling Services counsellors are the appropriate people to help students with serious learning and personal concerns.
Questions about room assignments and residence rules are best answered by residence staff members.
Who do you refer students to?
Your Living-Learning Coordinator!
They will be happy to answer the question or refer students to the right campus contact.
Keep in mind...
You represent the University of Waterloo, Waterloo Residences and your faculty and program when communicating with students. This includes communication over email and through social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
Use good judgment. If you wouldn't be okay with EVERYBODY (e.g. your prof, your grandma) seeing what you write - don't write it!
Communications with your students should be positive. Give students information so they can make their own decisions and have their own experiences.
Remember - it is
better to refer
a student to Krystal, Jessi or Mary than to give a student an
incorrect answer. If you know what resource the student should access on campus for an answer,
feel free to refer them directly too!
Confidential information
relating to Waterloo Residences and/or any student must be kept in confidence. This includes information about upcoming events, promotions, or anything relating to a student's privacy that have not yet been made public or should not be made public. If you are unsure of whether something can be posted, check with Mary, Jessi or Krystal.
What's next?
Go to the quiz link and show us what you know!

Have questions?

If you are a Peer Leader for Biology, Physical Sciences, Health Studies, Kinesiology, or Recreation and Leisure, contact Mary: mary.stefanidis@uwaterloo.ca

If you are a Peer Leader for Co-op, or GBDA, contact Krystal: krystal.kowalski@uwaterloo.ca

If you are a Peer Leader for the School of Accounting and Finance, or ARBUS, contact Jessi: jneill@uwaterloo.ca

Complete "All About Me" Page
You can add students to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter if you want. Just be sure that the information you are posting is appropriate. Some Peer Leaders find it helpful to create a separate account they can use for adding their students.
Franco Solimano: Manager, Living-Learning (current)
Melissa McNown-Smith (not pictured): Manager, Living-Learning (new)
Krystal Kowalski: Coordinator, Living-Learning (Co-op, WERC, ARBUS)
Jessi Neill: Coordinator, Living-Learning (SAF)
Mary Stefanidis: Coordinator, Living-Learning (AHS, SCI)
Meryl Norris: Coordinator, Administration and Academic Programming
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