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ICAD Annual Report 2014-2015

A reflection on the tremendous work, the exciting partnerships, and the new initiatives undertaken together as a Coalition over the 2014-2015 year.


on 23 February 2016

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Transcript of ICAD Annual Report 2014-2015

Kate Alexander - Public Engagement and Membership Officer
Shayna Buhler - Senior Program Officer (maternity leave)
Jessica Lyon - Interim Senior Program Officer
Robin Montgomery - Executive Director

Tariq Bhanjee
Jean Dussault
Josee Dussault
Beth Jordan
Sophie Lavoie
Artem Lavrenkov
Alex Nedel
San Patten
Christine Robertson
Lynn Wang

Volunteers and Interns:
Nandita Bijur
Avneed Dhillon
Breanna Keener
Debjani Mitra
Melissa Nyarko Ntiamoa
Beth Powell

ICAD Annual Report

Integrating HIV with Other Health and Development Initiatives
Linking International and Domestic Responses
Dear Friends,

As we get ready to say good-bye to 2015 and welcome in
2016, we have taken a moment to reflect on the tremendous work,
the exciting partnerships, and the new initiatives undertaken together as a Coalition over the 2014-2015 year.

From AIDS 2014 and our Canadian Report Back, to our engagement in the first ever national African, Black and Caribbean HIV Awareness Day, to our work with Parliamentarians and partners improving maternal, new born and child health, ICAD has been at the forefront of the Canadian response - here at home and abroad.

Please join us in our reminiscing. We have put together a few highlights offering a fine balance of video, visuals and narrative. The journey is yours, our success is collective. We couldn't have done it without you.

As you move through our story, click anywhere on the screen to bring the images closer, or to move them into the background.
We look forward to our continued collaboration in 2016 and the many years to follow.

In solidarity,
Marnie Davidson
, Care Canada, ICAD Board President
Robin Montgomery
, Executive Director, ICAD

Through ongoing engagement with our membership we are taking the lead in identifying strategies to end the HIV pandemic.
As part of the CAN-MNCH network, ICAD was in Toronto for the launching of the "Saving Every Woman Every Child" Initiative (2015-2020).
Learn, Participate, Exchange!

ICAD's invaluable role at home and abroad coordinating communications across sectors, communities and geographies to enhance Canadian civil society engagement in key global health dialogues and gatherings.
ICAD has had a tremendous year with your ongoing support, engagement and collaboration!
A special shout-out to an amazing, very committed and passionate group of people who make up the ICAD team:
Want to get involved?
The past year provided us with many valuable opportunities to create space for global and national dialogue and information exchange.
Stepping Up the Pace: A Report Back from AIDS 2014
An educational video produced in partnership with ICASO, CTAC, and the OHTN
The Numbers...
ICAD supports colleague, Maureen Owino (CAAT), in delivering a civil society intervention sharing Canadian experience responding to issues of Newcomer and Refugee Health and access to HIV prevention, treatment and care. The statement was made during the Thematic Session "
Addressing social and economic drivers of HIV through social protection
" at the 34th Programme Coordinating Board (PCB) meeting of UNAIDS in Geneva, Switzerland (July 1-3, 2014).
ICAD reinforces how lessons from global partners can inform local responses across Canada.

In partnership with CTAC and ICASO, we held a full day forum in Toronto to share and synthesize AIDS 2014 conference learnings making them more accessible, more practical, and more actionable.

Our AIDS 2014 Community Report Back provided an important opportunity to connect with the global HIV movement, learn from experiences in other neighbourhoods of the global village, and bring together the global and the local where one can inform the other.
In partnership with CTAC, ICASO and the OHTN, we produced a short educational video featuring brief interviews with each of our guest speakers at the Community Report Back.

The video captures key take-away messages from AIDS 2014 and their implications for the Canadian response.

To see the full News Digest of materials, resources and coverage of AIDS 2014, click here and it will open in a new window on your screen:

ICAD's strong online and in-person presence at the 20th International AIDS Conference enabled us to convene with our members, partners and colleagues. Together, we shared details on AIDS 2014 events, presentations, and the energy of the Global Village with real-time coverage that bridged time zones and geographic distances.

(Melbourne, Australia 20-25,
July 2015)
In partnership with ICASO, we provided communication and technical support to community delegates through
STEPWise: the community guide to
AIDS 2014
AIDS 2014
AIDS 2014 with ICAD and partners at ICASO, RESULTS Canada, the Indigenous Networking Zone, the African Black Diaspora Global Network (ABDGN), and Robert Bardston of the Canadian HIV/AIDS African, Black Caribbean Network (CHABAC)
As a coalition, ICAD's voice contributed to the Canadian Council for International Cooperation (CCIC) submission on the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (DFATD) draft civil society partnership policy.
ICAD understands that despite significant scientific advancement, HIV continues to sit at the nexus of health and development in Canada and around the world. We aim to highlight the complexities as well as the opportunities through our publications, webinars and resources.

For a full list of our webinars, resources, factsheets, blog posts, and collection of blogs on the Huffington Post, please visit us as: http://www.icad-cisd.com

In partnership with CHABAC and
CATIE, we delivered the first ever national African, Caribbean & Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day on February 7. Events hit cities and social media sites across the countries with specific public engagement activities in Halifax, Dartmouth, Edmonton, and Toronto.

In fact, in Ontario, members of the CHABAC Steering Committee continue to make in roads to introduce a private members' bill within the Ontario legislature to have the day officially recognized in 2016. The Awareness Day was proclaimed by the City of Edmonton and the City of Halifax in 2015.
Held on Parliament
Hill, the event drew attention
to the linkages between
gender-based violence and
rising rates of HIV infection in
Aboriginal communities and
among women, youth, gay,
bisexual, two-spirited and
transgender people in Canada
and around the world.
On December 1st, we joined the global community
in celebration of World AIDS Day (WAD). It was
also the kick-off to Aboriginal AIDS Awareness
Week (AAAW) across Canada.

In solidarity with our partners: the Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network (CAAN), Paaktuutit Inuit
Women of Canada, the HIV/AIDS and
TB All-Parliamentary Caucus (HAT Caucus),
and with special guest appearance by the
Nunavut Sivuniksavuut singers, we held our third annual Parliamentary Breakfast.

We are thrilled to be bringing back internship opportunities for Aboriginal youth in Canada. In close partnership with the Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network and a consortium of overseas partners and ICAD coalition member organizations, and funded through the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (DFATD), this two year (2015-2017) program offers action-based learning in international development projects with partners around the world.
Check out what our alumni interns had to say about the
International Aboriginal Youth Internship Program
International Aboriginal Youth Internship Program
Just one click away from becoming an ICAD member!
Board of Directors (alphabetical order):

Ken Clement
(British Columbia)

Marnie Davidson
, President (Ontario)

Tracey Prentice
, Vice President (Ontario)

Colleen Price
, Treasurer (Ontario)

Tricia Smith
, Secretary (PEI)

Anne Gardner
, (Ontario)
Term Ended May 2014

Dara Gorden
Term Began May 2014

Scott Gould
Term Ended May 2014

Adam Graham
Term Began May 2014

Christian Hui
Term Began May 2014

Debra Jakubec
Term Ended May 2014
Engage. Collaborate. Participate.
Task Forces, Delegations and Committees:
Canada Beyond 2015 (Informal Network, CCIC)
Canadian Network of Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (CAN- MNCH)
CAHR 2015 Ancillary Event: National Women, Trans People and Girls HIV, Hepatitis C and Co-infection Health Research Summit (Planning Committee)
CHIWOS KTE Working Group
Global Fund Developed Country NGO Delegation
Global Fund Advocacy Network (GFAN)
Global Treatment Access Group (GTAG)
Gathering of Our Spirits Collaborative
Governing Council for the African, Black Diaspora Global Network (ABDGN)
Post-2015 MDG-AIDS (Informal Network, ICASO)
Stop TB Canada Network
Women's Rights Policy Group
Young Women Prevention Committee, CAS

Presentations, Conferences, and Other Events:
The Role of Partnerships in Increasing the Effectiveness of HIV, HCV and TB Initiatives
(panelist, Canadian Conference on Global Health, Nov 3 2014)
Newcomer and Refugee Health Equity in HIV and HCV: From Research to Services.
(moderator, Canadian Conference on Global Health, Nov 4, 2014)
Redefining Global Partnerships; A New Role for Canadians in Global Equity and Cooperation, CCIC, May 2014
20th International AIDS Conference, Melbourne, Australia, July 2014
Global Fund 32 Board Meeting, November 2014
Global Fund 33 Board Meeting, March, 2015
HCV services for immigrants in Canada: Challenges, Opportunities, Lessons Learned. (CSIH workshop)

Research Collaborations:
The Resonance Project: Emerging Biomedical Discourses and Decisions within Gay Men's Knowledge Networks (CIHR grant led by CATIE)
Building the Bridge(s) - The Diasopora Declaration: Development of a Global HIV/AIDS Framework and Agenda
(CIHR grant led by ABDGN and Women's Health in Women's Hands)
Canadians Conducting Research on HIV and Rehabilitation/Disability in Sub-Saharan Africa: Environmental Scan and Analysis
(SRC grant led by Stephanie Nixon)
Newcomer and Refugee Health Equity in HIV and Hepatitis C: From Research to Services
on November 4, 2014 at the Canadian Conference on GLobal Health in partnership with Canadian Society for International Health (CSIH) and Canadian Treatment Access Council (CTAC).
Our webinar topics and fact-sheets, our
Facebook and Twitter presence, and our weekly
News and Announcement Digests showcase the
tremendous efforts of our Coalition members while
ensuring that we are on top of new and emerging issues
in HIV and global health and development. This synthesis
has proven valuable to our members in bringing global
issues, events and resources to the frontlines of the Canadian response, connecting international and domestic efforts.
Over the past year, ICAD has built opportunities for knowledge sharing across sectors and geographies in collaboration with our partners. Check out our website for a full list of archived podcasts and video files:
The role of Partnerships in Increasing Effectiveness of HIV, HCV and TB Initiatives
CSIH panel at the Canadian Conference on Global Health.
HIV, Gender, Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights and the Post-2015 Development Agenda
- an ICAD-led webinar with featured presentations from partner organizations Canadian Council on International Cooperation (CCIC), Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights (ACSHR), and the International Council of AIDS Service Organizations (ICASO)

The following financial information has been taken from
our 2014-15 audited financial statements that were
approved by the ICAD Board of Directors and Membership. Ouseley Hanvey Clipsham Deep LLP expressed the financial statements present fairly, in all material respects, the financial position of the Coalition. Our full audited statements can be obtained from the ICAD office.

“The weekly digest is an essential compendium for us that helps identify news and resources for our membership.
” – Respondent, 2014-15 Membership Survey

ICAD's publications help to situate and contextualize international responses to HIV and stories from across Canada, to inform Canadian responses.
” – Respondent, 2014-15 Membership Survey
“[ICAD] k
eeps us up to date with current global issues, issues that impact on our work locally as well as Canada's role in the global context of HIV, health (including sexual and reproductive health; MNCH).
” – Respondent, 2014-15 Membership Survey

Members tell us......
Please join us: http://pages.icad-cisd.com
Full transcript