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Peter and the Starcatchers

No description

M2K Kids

on 12 October 2014

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Transcript of Peter and the Starcatchers

VENN Diagram
Slank is first introduced in the novel on page 5. The first words that Slank said are "You Grempkin ?" Slank is characterized as a thick, bald man, in a grimy officers uniform.
Feelings and Thoughts
One important thought of Slank is (page 323) "That fool pirate. He never really knew what he was after. Nor who he was up against." This is an important thought because it is saying that the pirate never knew how powerful the treasure is and what it can make you do. This shows partially that Slank is one of the Others and knows how to use the starstuff. Another important thought of Slank is (page 380) "Coconuts. Children are beating me senseless with coconuts." This is important because it shows how Slank's weakness is children. One
important feeling of Slank is how he feels about the trunk. This is an important feeling of Slank because he feels like it is so powerful and important.
Some traits of Slank are that he is a bald, grimy man (page 5). Other traits are that he is evil because he kills a mermaid (pages 296-305) and because he tries to steal things that aren't his. Slank is also sneaky because he sneaks into the mermaids cave and steals the trunk (pages 296-305).
Slank's strength being sneaky and killing people. Slank is good at this because he sneaks into the cave of mermaids (pages 296-305) and hides being one of the Others (page 383). Another reason why he is good at this is he kills one of the mermaids and other people (page 348).
An action that Slank does that is important is when he fought the mermaids to get the treasure (pages 296-305). This is important because it shows his rivalry with the mermaids. Another important action is when he looses the treasure and gets mad (page 408). This is an important action because it shows how important the trunk is to him. One last important action of Slank is when he captured Molly and took her on the dory with him to leave the island with no intention of letting her go (pages 385-390, pages 394-397, and pages 400-403). This is important because it shows how he doesn't like Molly and wants her to suffer.
Peter and the Starcatchers

: Slank
Slank's weakness is children. This is his weakness because Molly and James beat him with coconuts (pages 370-385). Another reason why this is his weakness is because Peter tricks him (pages 385-390).
By: Karmen Wanchisn
An important saying that Slank says is " The great Leonard Aster. The great Starcatcher. Only he wasn't so great, was he? Got on the wrong ship, he did. We fooled him good, the great Leonard Aster." (page 383). This is an important saying because by him saying this, it exposes to Molly that he is one of the Others. Another important saying is " How are you with heights?" (page 331). This is important because it shows that he is capable to use the starstuff. One last important saying is when he says "Only if we have to, only if they try to keep it." (page 289). This is important because he is saying he is willing to hurt someone to get the trunk.
Hairy beard
Bald, grimy man
Has been exposed to starstuff
Uses weapons
No facial hair but eyebrows
Clean, young girl
Nice for the most part
Has never seen magic
Has never touched a weapon
Will fight for what we believe in
Believe in magic
Take charge in serious situations
Have been on a boat
Have been on an island
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