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Tech - Career investigation assignment - architect

No description

Evelyn Y

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Tech - Career investigation assignment - architect

By: Evelyn Yang
Architects design buildings and other structures. They are not only responsible for the buildings' appearance but they also need to make sure the buildings are
, and
suit the needs of people who use them
They usually lead a team of specialists such including structural, mechanical and electrical engineers, as well as other specialists.
rchitect's day
Discuss with their clients to determine the requirements, objectives, and budget of a project
Estimate materials, equipment, costs, and construction time
Prepare designs and present ideas to the client
Develop final construction plans with the building's appearance and the details for its construction
May help their clients with construction contracts
May visit the construction site to make sure everything is on the right track
Promote themselves and win contracts
Other courses relating computers and business will also be helpful.
Ability to cope with stress and pressure
because pending deadlines keep architects working nights and weekends.
In Canada...
The job outlook is good.
The government estimates that there will not be enough job seekers to fill the spot.
A typical full-time annual salary for this occupation ranges from $65,000 to $75,000.
A large number of architects work in architectural and engineering firms, and related services.
highest hourly average wages are earned in Edmonton, Alberta
lowest average wages are earned in Prince Edward Island
The hourly average wage in Toronto is $28.06
Good people skills
because architects discuss and meet up with clients and they have to make sure everyone is on time and on budget.
Ability to think critically
to solve problems during most projects
If you are some one who has.....
Start preparing
Art courses help the students to develop the ability to visualize and conceptualize.
The mathematics are important courses to take because an architect's work requires a lot calculations.
Knowing how to use computer aided drafting software is an important skill to have.
Strong communication skills
to describe you ideas to your clients and colleagues.
Creativity and visualization skills
to create designs and be able to see the building in your mind.
Obtain a
master’s degree
bachelor’s degree
in architecture. Make sure the program you chose has been approved by the Canadian Architectural Certification Board (CACB) before you take it.
Apply for the
Internship in Architecture
program to gain experience in architecture. This takes approximately 3 year.
Take the
Architect Registration Examination
to qualify for a license, either at the provincial or territorial level.
If you pass...
If you fail...
How to Become an Architect
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