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E. Coli by Alex Granner

No description

Alex Granner

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of E. Coli by Alex Granner

E. Coli
By Alex Granner Lets Get started Hey, I'm Professor Theodor Escherich, I discovered E. Coli. I'm going to take you through time in my time machine to see the spread of E. Coli. We'll see the past, present, and future. Lets Go! This is Scotland

IN 1996 another outbreak happened in Scotland. 582 people were infected and 21 died. Symptoms of bloody diarrhea, bloody vomit, fever, and kidney failures all due to the bacteria. The bacteria releases Shiga Toxin which burns a hole it the intestines wall. Germany

In 1885 Theodor Escherich
Discovered the first strains of E. Coli in cow intestines. He could not connect the disease to the outbreaks but the disease was still named after him. Switzerland

In 1955 Outbreaks of bloody diarrhea And kidney failures occurred in Switzerland. These symptoms are the work of E.Coli, but they didn't know that until ... In 1982

In1982 outbreaks in Michigan and Oregon alarmed people. 500 people were infected and 4 died. A team was assigned to track down the cause and spread of the disease. What researchers found was there was E. coli in the patients stools, good and bad.They traced the start back to spoiled meats, unwashed fruits/vegetables, and unpasteurized juices, but the main source was cow intestines. It was found in there manure and sometimes drained into lakes or streams. Nov. 1992- Feb. 1993

In Nov. 1992 several outbreaks in Washington occurred due to contaminated meat. Then symptoms occurred in Idaho, next California, and finally Nevada. All in all 500 people became ill and 4 died. this proved to people that the disease was spread by physical contact. People traveling over the weekend to visit relatives spread it state to state. This was a terror that spread over the nation because the disease was showing signs of being immune to antibiotics. people usually got better in 7-10 days but younger children and older adults could need kidney dialisis. So now you see how dangerous E. coli is and how it seriously effects human population. here are some more interesting facts . Now you have seen the past lets go to the future! In the future there will be many new inventions but some of the main ones that will benefit E. coli.... Portable feces tester
Easy use saliva tester
and they will not have to draw blood anymore So now you have seen the effects of E. coli and its history. Now here are just some facts that might affect you. Ahh the present Every year 2,100 people die in the U.S.A.
Every year 61 people die.
As few as 10 bacterias can reproduce and infect you.
There have been reports in every continent but Antarctica. So were all in danger Thanks for listening
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