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Data Transmission Protocols

Understanding why use communication, real-time information, commerce & government online services.

KnowItAll Ninja

on 13 April 2017

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Transcript of Data Transmission Protocols

Data Transmission Protocols
SMTP - transmits data from your email client to your outgoing mail server.
POP3 - downloads emails from your mail server to your email client.
IMAP - syncs emails between your mail server and your email client.
Voice & Video Calls over the Internet
Secure Payment Systems
SIP - establishes the connection between sender & receiver.
RTP - transmits data packets along the connection.
RTCP - sends control packets providing feedback on the quality of data delivery.
SET - communication protocol where card details go directly to merchant bank for authorisation.
3D Secure - xml based protocol where authorisation is done through own bank before payment.
Web Pages
HTTP - establishes connection & transfers web pages between client & server.
HTTPS - a version of HTTP that uses SSL/TLS to encrypt data transfer.
FTP - transfers files (any kind) between computers over the internet.
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