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Cyclone Larry

No description

Katelinh Nguyen

on 13 June 2013

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Transcript of Cyclone Larry

Cyclone Larry:
March 2006

What happened?
The tropical Cyclone Larry made lots of damage in Queensland however no one was dead and some people were injured
When and where did it happened?
Cyclone Larry entered the northern tropical parts of Queensland's coast, in the early hours of Saturday 18 March of the year 2006. During the early hours of that morning it started as a general westerly course but as the next two days came the westerly course turned into a hurricane - force.
March 18 2006 - March 21 2006
Northern Queensland's coast
By Katelinh Nguyen
How is a cyclone caused?
Cyclones are made by been over moderately hot tropical sea in a low climate air pressure. The warm, damp air starts to circlet and becomes a strong wind storm. An area called the ‘eye’ which is located in the middle of the cyclone where the sky is cloudless and there’s only a light breeze.
Cyclones can switch direction suddenly and makes it very hard for meteorologist to predict what will happen next. Tropical cyclones bring heavy rain and cause high waves.
This is the eye of a cyclone.
What was the damage, loss of life, cost to the community?
Cyclone Larry left thousands of building damaged including 10 000 houses and almost wiped out the banana and sugarcane crops that cost half a billion dollars to fix the damages. Fortunately the was no deaths, but 30 people had minor injuries like cuts. The flooding stopped the road and rail been used. Cyclones can cause more damage, it can move 360 kilometres per hour. In this case Cyclone Larry has winds blowing at 290 kilometres per hour making roofs be parted from buildings and ripping trees out of their place.
More Information
Loss of Life:
Cost to the Community:
No lives were killed
There wasn't as much damage as expected due to the small diameter but there was still a lot of damage caused like in Innisfail that has 8,500 people living, a coastal sugar cane and banana farming town that is a starting point for visitors to this area of the Great Barrier Reef. Many houses were destroyed and many people were homeless but other people from other states would donate money help these people.
There was one billion dollars worth of damage and on top of that 550 million dollars for the economic damage and more money for other different damage.
How can this Cyclone be managed in the future to reduce the impact of another similar event?
I think we can reduce the impact of a cyclone by doing checks around the house like:
Walls, doors, roof etc. are all stabled and secure to the house itself or else it will fall on top of you
Make sure all your valuables (like things you can't replace) are keep safe and near you if you were to evacuate from your house so they won't be lost
If there is a flood be sure to check that the electricity is off at the power point, if you leave the power on you the repairs for your electricity will come with a big bill
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