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Email Etiquette

No description

Rhys Roberts

on 29 February 2016

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Transcript of Email Etiquette

Email Etiquette
It is important if you send an attachment with the email, mention it in the email itself that there are files attached as it is not always obvious.
You should always write in normal English and use abbreviations carefully
You should always be polite when writing an email
To make your
email look professional you should always include a signature on any business email
When writing an
email you should never write in capital letters
You should always tell the recipient the format of any attachment you send if they're anything other than standard, e.g. Microsoft office file types
It is always important that you use an appropriate subject line!
You should check if the email should be replied to all the sending list or just the person the email was originally from
You should follow the agreed email policy within the business
Check the message content before hitting the send button
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