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American Musician Biography Project

A project about my favorite band to rock out to; Alter Bridge

Ian Briske

on 10 October 2011

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Transcript of American Musician Biography Project

Ian Briske May 27, 2011 Alter Bridge What they look like Mark Tremonti- Lead Guitar Scott Phillips- Drums Brian Marshall- Bass Myles Kennedy- Vocals/ Guitar Who they are Myles Kennedy Born November 27th, 1969 in Spkane Washington Attended Mead High School in northern Spokane Myles started out using a tennis racket for a guitar, standing in front of his bedroom mirror for hours on end playing to songs.

After graduation, Myles went through the Commercial Music/Jazz Studies program at Spokane Falls Community College Mark Tremonti Mark was born on April 18, 1974 in Detroit, Michigan. He was raised in a Christian background.

Initially Mark signed up for guitar lessons, but quit after one lesson as he says, "they were teaching me Mary Had A Little Lamb and I wanted to play Master of Puppets." Alternatively, he started teaching himself from tab books and practicing his favorite songs by ear until he got them right.

After high school Mark attended Clemson University for a year. After his freshman year, he transferred to Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida. At that time he also worked as a cook at a Chili's restaurant.

In 2005 Mark became a father to his son Austen, born May 24.

In 2008 Mark released his instructional DVD, "Mark Tremonti – The Sound and the Story." Brian Marshall Born on April 24, 1973 in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. Marshall attended Choctawhatchee High School, Tallahassee Community College, and Florida State University.

He married his longtime girlfriend, Donna Reynolds, in February 2001.

The two currently reside in Costa Rica, where they operate a bed and breakfast called Mango Moon. Scott Phillips Born on February 22, 1973 in Valdosta, Georgia but grew up in Madison, Florida. He is a self-taught drummer, starting at age 18, and has also played piano and saxophone. He now lives in Central Florida with his wife, April, and their daughter, Cadence What do they mean to me? "Alter Bridge" is made up of members who all share a Christian faith. Even though the typical Christian music tends to be alternative sounding, they all respect rock n' roll and many of the "Gods of rock," like Led Zeppelin and Kiss, just to name a couple. I personally maintain a strong Christian faith but I also enjoy some good rock music. I feel like if my personality were described as one band, it would have to be "Alter Bridge." One important song One song that has great meaning for me is "Open Your Eyes." Lyrics Meaning Will they open their eyes?
And realize we are one
On and on we stand alone
Until our day has come
When they open their eyes
And realize we are one This song has great meaning for those of Christian faith. I believe this song speaks of "the mission" to unite all under Christ's love and bring Christ into their lives. It says how Christians stand alone but that our day will come and that Christ is the way to Heaven. Still today we carry on
I know our day will come
When they open their eyes
And realize we are one He does not give up hope and knows the day will come when all will be forgiven and redeemed. It's hard to walk this path alone
Hard to know which way to go
Will I ever save this day?
Will it ever change? He's expressing his frustration and saying how difficult it is to walk this path alone and staying true to one's faith even though the world favors other values. One must have a strong support system to walk the path alongside. He's crying out and asking if people will listen or if they will ever open their eyes. Now hear some for yourself (Start JUST before this line) --> Now some Q & A... "Creed" dismembered in 2004, later that year "Alter Bridge" formed.

"Alter Bridge" consists of "Creed" guitar, bass and drums with Myles Kennedy as vocals.

“Alter Bridge” was a longstanding bridge near Mark’s hometown. Parents forbade kids from crossing, as it would lead to the bad side of town, but since they were starting a new unknown chapter in their music they decided it was a good name.

One day Mark Tremonti hoped "Creed" and "Alter Bridge" may coexist. Basic Facts Alter Bridge. 2011. Band. 5/21/2011. www.Alterbridge.com Mark Tremonti. 2011. Mark Tremonti. 5/21/2011. www.marktremonti.net Alter Bridge Rocks. 2011. Band. 5/21/2011. www.alterbridgerocks.com Bibliography Myles Kennedy. 2011. The Man. 5/21/2011. www.Myles-Kennedy.com.
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