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Alternative Energy Vehicles

A look into the alternative energy options available and the vehicles that will make use of them

Jonathan Rivera

on 26 May 2010

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Transcript of Alternative Energy Vehicles

ALTERNATIVE ENERGY VEHICLES The Fuel MULTIPLE OPTIONS!! Biodiesel Ethanol Hydrogen Electricity Air Solar Power The Vehicles Tesla Roadster 100% Electric 250mi. Range
Li-ion Batteries
High Performance
Equal to 120mpg
288 Horsepower
92% Efficiency
$101,000 SAAB Aero X 100% Ethanol 2.8L twin-turbocharged V6
400 Horsepower
The Air Car 100% AIR 186mi. Range
Refills with compressed air (2 minutes)
Alternatively has compressor built in (3 hours and needs to be plugged in)
up to 68mph top speed
literally cleans the air

Government Intervention Past Present Little to no assistance for the development of alternative energy vehicles
Assistance towards oil industry instead :( Government grants have been provided for development
$1 Billion to Fuel Cell research
$2.4 Billion to electric vehicle and battery development
$214 Million of that money went to GM to create electric vehicles Continuum Top speed a little over 90mph
$1 million to replicate
3000 solar cells
Infinite range as long as sun is out
lacks basic features :(

100% Solar Honda FCX Clarity Hydrogen Fuel Cell V-Flow Fuel Cell
240 miles before refueling
equal to 61mpg
134 horsepower
about $21,600
GM AUTOnomy ("skateboard") Hydrogen Fuel Cell Interchangeable bodies
Lightweight but durable
Motor for each wheel
Drive-by-wire technology

Impact! Impact! Impact! By 2030, 40% market = alternative energy vehicles
Significant positive effects, but will take time
Depends on automotive companies taking steps
Also depends on our care of the environment

Thank You!
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