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Branches on a Tree

Instructional Technology project

Mae Guerra

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Branches on a Tree

Branches on a Tree Growth from Time, Nurturing and
Experience Experience Projects EdWeb PowerPoints My Life in Pictures Certifications and Skills Curriculum Knowledge Projects Completed Experienced Teacher The University of Texas at Austin The University of Colorado at Denver Education Bachelor of Science in Applied Learning and Development Masters Candidate
Instructional Technology and Design
May 2013 Professional Development Community College of Denver
Aurora Public Schools
McAllen Independent School District
Denver Public Schools
Austin Independent School District Experience in the following: Project Compentencies for the Instructional Technology Masters Program at The University of Colorado at Denver This circle showcases the skills, certifications and endorsements acquired within my teaching career. The Circulatory System ~My Practice, My Background, Spanglish, and the R.G.V (my hometown) Prezi Chickering and Gamson (1991) developed seven principles for good practice in education that have been interpreted by several scholars as transferable to the online and hybrid course environments.
(Phipps, 2005 ; Guidera, 2004 ; Roby and Hampikian, 2002) Learner Center Programs Palloff and Pratt (2003) stress that effective delivery of online learning programs requires a learner focused approach because we cannot teach but only facilitate the acquisition of knowledge. How I Teach – The Digital Native Framework “Digital natives are accustomed to the twitch-speed, multitasking, random-access, graphics-first, active, connected, fun, fantasy, quick-payoff world of their video games, MTV, and the Internet”

(Prensky, 2001) Key Issues in Using Educational Technologies within Learner-Centered Pedagogies Allowing means for learners to build interpersonal connections and relationships
Finding strategies that acknowledge differing learner needs, abilities, and interests
Providing personal control and choice to learners, and
Assessing and addressing the technology self-efficacy of individual learners Be clear and understandable
Respond to the way in which students communicate
Acknowledge student interests and motivations
Honor the social nature of learning
Engage students, and
Provide students with meaningful and timely feedback. When creating a learner-centered online course, Teemant et al. (2005) point out by review of relevant research that the instruction should: Seven Principles for Good Practice
Anchored to the Concept of
Creating Learning-Centered Communities Encouraging student-faculty contact
Encouraging cooperation among students
Encouraging active learning
Providing prompt feedback
Emphasizing time on task
Communicating high expectations, and
Respecting diverse talent and ways of learning Elements to Student Success, a reflective blog about the experiences I had teaching the first blogging class at Aurora Hills Middle School. Please click on picture to view site and take a peek at the student success stories to see student work. THE HUMAN CONNECTION There are several key elements to student success within a 21st century classroom. The human connection, learner center programs, and quality learning through instructional design. Elements for Student Success in a 21st Century Classroom
Math Basics – Community College of Denver math 030, 060 course blog
University of Colorado Masters Program , Instructional Technology
Instructional Design in Adult Learning Adult Theory and Instructional Design Problems that will occur...
The Cartels, Violence and Drugs (a big part of the valley that cannot be ignored)

When visiting the Valley…
be prepared,
be smart,
hire security
do not go into Mexico
above all (although tempting) do not display
your children’s pictures on social media sites.

My advice – If children are present in previous videos from documentary footage, please call and have the images censured. It is not uncommon for kidnappings to occur. Many Spring Breakers have also had the misfortune of crossing the border and finding themselves a part of the deadly corruption of the drug cartels. The outcome is never good. In my opinion, it is always better to be overly cautious. TIFT tournament, Texas International Fishing Tournament (A Valley tradition that is held in high regard every year)
http://www.flickr.com//photos/tifttournament/show/ Honoring a Texas Tradition
The region is made up of four counties: Starr County, Hidalgo County, Willacy County, and Cameron County.

As of January 1, 2008, the Texas State Data Center estimated the population of the Rio Grande Valley at 1,138,872.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau in 2008, 86 percent of Cameron County, 90 percent of Hidalgo County, 97 percent of Starr County, and 86 percent of Willacy County are Hispanic.

The largest city is Brownsville (Cameron County), followed by McAllen (Hidalgo County). Other major cities include Edinburg, Mission, Harlingen, and Pharr. Want to know about Texas history? Click and read –
Lone Star History Timeline and see how it relates to religion formation in the Rio Grande Valley, Religion in South Texas

Most all residents in the RGV practice Christianity with Catholic being the most practiced. Valley activities are often surrounded by church events. Social oppression and geographic location has profoundly affected the religious life of Tejanos. See link for more information – Mexican Americans and Religion Synopsis - In this trailer of Border Wars, we travel to the Rio Grande Valley in the southernmost tip of Texas. Along a sixty-mile stretch from McAllen to Brownsville, drug smugglers and illegal immigrants risk their lives to cross the floodwaters of the Rio Grande and make illegal entry to the United States. In this episode, agents pursue a pickup truck loaded with drugs ferried from Mexico, uncover a huge stash of heroin during a routine vehicle inspection, and attempt to rescue illegal immigrants caught in the floodwaters of the Rio Grande. Border
Wars For advertising/sponsor opportunities or website hosting contact spadre.com Attempting to climb the Army tower is another favorite on the Isla Grand Beach. Spring break is all about partying, and what better way for advertisers to reach all those merrymaking co-eds than by joining the party themselves. College students are always a desirable target for advertisers. During spring break, advertisers can reach them by the hundreds of thousands by sponsoring concerts, contests and booths at the hottest U.S. beaches. http://www.medialifemagazine.com/your-client-partying-in-the-sand/ Spring Break @ SPI Border Ball: The History of High School Football in the Rio Grande Valley. Links for all your RGV sporting needs:

RGV Sports
Valley Central
956sports Friday night football…
communities rally around high school sports. You can’t get away from Texas football. Don’t try and fight it. It will never go away.

Arriving at school football events is a good gesture of community involvement.

On a personal note… my late father, Luis Guerra Jr. was the first Mexican American quarterback to go to the State Championship in the 50’s. He had to stay at a nearby Army dormitory because the hotel did not allow Mexicans in the hotel rooms during that time period. Click on the pic above to read more about winter Texans at SPI. "Winter Texans," or retirees from northern states call Texas home during the winter months. Not a bad deal for grandpa. What a way to retire! Go gramps! Expect delays if you want to get on the island for a glance at some eye candy (male and female). During Texas week, it will take hours so be prepared. My favorite is El Pato!

So delicious but so slow to make! It’s worth it though, I always have a couple of patos when I visit the Valley. It’s a non-negotiable. Rio Grande Valley Cuisine Food…Mexican (the Valley is notorious for their delicious yet unhealthy food) Dates: March 8-17th, 2013
Share valley culture and join the fun! RGV Culture Livestock Show in Mercedes (March) F-H and FFA are the organizations that children are most involved in. The Rio Grande Valley of Texas is situated at the southern-most tip of the state. The total RGV population is about 1.2 million (89% Hispanic). The recipes collected in the region of the Lower RGV tells a story of culinary tradition which has evolved from the use of foods not adopted by other cultures and is unique to the RGV.
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/4129247

Menudo - Mexican’s guaranteed cure for the common hangover. It is a hearty, spicy, stew made from hominy, chilies, tripe, feet, and knuckles. This famous traditional meal requires several hours of cooking in order to unlock its exotic meats hidden subtle flavors.
Chorizo - Mexican sausage
Tamales or Moles - chicken and meat dishes wrapped in corn husks
Cabrito - goat
Migas - fried corn tortilla squares
Pan Dulce – pastries
Frijoles a Ia charra - a bean dish
Guisados - Poultry, beef, and pork stew.
Capirotada - a bread pudding, associated with lent
Tripas - Cow Intestines
Cesos - Just the cow brains
Barbacoa de Cabeza - barbeque of the whole cow head Chicano Foods: A Cultural Experience of the RGV
People from the Valley are not comfortable speaking in just one language. In fact, most will not speak one language. If you are from the valley the language used to communicate is oftenexpressed as a mix of Spanish and English. Spanish words are commonly used in cariño, meaning affection. Spanish and not English is most often used to express those loving feelings.

Doña Rosario es recordada con cariño por los alumnos.
Doña Rosario is remembered with affection by her students.
For example words like Mija (my daughter) , Mijo (my son) are used to show endearment.
My mother still calls me Mija to this day.
When a term is more familiar or sounds more appropriate to express their feelings, the people of the valley use it in which ever of the two languages it is more loving in their self-expression. Among Valley Chicanos, holidays remain very traditional and linked to the Catholic religion.
As the year begins it is celebrated with the traditional bunuelos (fried flour tortilla sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon) and chocolate.
Valley cuisine is simple and basic in preparation. Cultural values are inherit through culinary practices. The tradition of specific events along with special foods, relate to the importance of these celebrations in family and one’s own rite of passage.
Merece la pena recordar que la comida en el valle es deliciosa. Por favor, cenar, comer, disfrutar en tomar parte en la singularidad de lo que es el Valle del Río Grande! Translation - It is worth remembering that the food in the Valley is delicious. Please, dine, eat, enjoy taking part in the singularity of what is in the Rio Grande Valley! suelo ground, floor
empezar to begin, start
empresa company
en in, into, inside, on
encender to light, switch on, set fire to
encima on top
encontrar to find
encuentro encounter, meeting
entonces then 1,000 Most Common Words Full List

claro/a clearly, clear
comprar to buy, purchase
cuestión\tiones matter, affair
cumplir to accomplish, carry out
pagar to pay
pero but
perro/rra dog, bitch (might want to know difference)
sin without
sino que but that
sino but, rather
sistema system
sostener to maintain, support, hold Common Spanish Words Translation Nation In his book, Translation Nation, Hector Tobar describes it this way,

“Here people speak a strange Spanglish that can be impossible for outsides to decipher, what linguists call pidgin, a language meshing English and Spanish grammar and border slang” ~Chapter Four. Viva Spanglish! “My thoughts are in Spanglish.” Embracing Bi-Cultures I love the culture and people of the Rio Grande Valley. The people are good hearted, warm and affectionate towards one another. It’s a small town feel but with big problems as well.

Due to the bi-culture and informality of the valley, there is a true mixing of all things Hispanic and American, including languages, food, sports, music, religion etc… Learner Objectives:
Review common Spanglish terms
Understand and respect the history behind Spanglish within the RGV Spanglish
…people in the RGV speak both English and Spanish within their conversations with one another. Chicano Foods: A Cultural Experience of the RGV Main meals among Valley Chicanos will almost always include pinto beans. Beans cooked for the main meal may be served as a soup, or later mashed and fried in oil, bacon or chorizo grease, for supper or breakfast.

Chicken may be added to rice (Arroz con pollo) appears to be a very popular dish in the Valley), a pasta to ground beef or beef chunks and pork to cabbage or squash. Take note of how George uses comedy to point out real issues targeting Tejanos today. George Lopez remembers
“Eric Estrada”
~lesson - be nice to everybody Viva Spanglish! The future is already here. Spanglish is already a diverse, influential way of communication. Corporations have discovered it. It is on television, it is in radio. Novels are being written in Spanglish. Rap, rock -- this is kind of a utopian dream or an anti-utopian dream.

Spanglish, The Making of a new American Language. The author of is ILan Stavans, the president of Latin America and Latino culture at Amherst college. Read more: http://www.city-data.com/forum/texas/955705-does-anybody-rgv-rio-grande-valley.html#ixzz2FzRPa1Vx Embracing Bi-Cultures …Spanglish When spoken to in Spanglish you may want to reply in Spanglish as this is a sign of effort and willingness to adapt to their own unique form of expression. People from the RGV will also respect you more and love you for it if you try to assimilate to their culture 

If you only reply only in Spanish they will probably use more English and then vice versa. It is a little language dance and once you learn a few common terms, communication will be established in a respectful manner as it will be interpreted as you adapting to their unique ways of speaking. E-mail Grade Book Student Objective: Students will participate in a group activity and create a presentation about the circulatory system.  Students will use the following link to guide them through this project:

http://sciencespot.net/Media/hlthhumbdyquest.pdf Blood Vessels Student Objective: Students will investigate the human heart and blood and identify its function through the following web page:
Activity: After investigating the web sites, students will be able to draw and label parts of the heart on a diagram and describe its function on an online quiz.
Virtual Tour:
http://www.pbs.org/wnet/redgold/journey/phase2_a1.html Parts of the Heart Student Objective: The learners will be able to describe the circulatory system and its functions.

Activity: Investigate the circulatory system through the following links:

http://vilenski.org/science/humanbody/hb_html/circ_system.html Jobs of the
Circulatory System Questions
Student Objectives:
Students will participate in an online game and quiz provided within this web page:
2. Sudents will participate in a lab where they determine if the pulse rate is the same for boys and girls. Found on page 11
http://www.msnucleus.org/membership/html/k-6/lc/pdf/lc4w.pdf Heart Disease Student Objective: Students will read the information provided on the following web pages and answer questions on the follow up quiz:
http://library.thinkquest.org/C0115080/?c=main Students can click through this page and others on the site to get valuable information about the composition of blood, plasma, red and white blood cells and blood platelets. Parts of the Blood Protection
Red Blood Cells
Transports hormones
Temperature regulation
White Blood Cells Aorta
Blood Vessels
Coronary Artery
Heart Attack
Heart Disease Glossary Explore GLOSSARY Heart Disease Parts of the Blood Blood Vessels Parts of the Heart Jobs of the
Circulatory System Welcome, this course is about The Circulatory System and how it works in your body.
Throughout this course you will complete assignments and projects in each of the five units. The menu on the left consists of topics that will be addressed in this course.
The buttons above will allow you to check your grades or email, chat and ask your instructor if you have any questions. Gradebook Email Chat Questions The Circulatory System Chat Hi! AffectionateWords Food
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