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PMO Build Out Phase 1

No description

Joyita Neerkaje

on 6 August 2014

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Transcript of PMO Build Out Phase 1

PMO Build Out
What we set out to do...
What we Accomplished!!
How we measured
Whats Next...
"Well Selected. Well Planned.
Well Executed. Well Measured.
Every time".
Enterprise PMO Vision
PMO Phase 1
Installing a PMO in Castlight Health
Process & Framework
Consistent practice
Standardization for communication
Identify best practices
Standard approach/methodology
Training & Tools
Project Management Tools to provide consistency
Training in utilizing the Tools and processes implemented
Metrics and Indicators
Data tracking
Consistent metrics / indicators
Project and Portfolio dashboards
Functional Rep
Cross-functional broker
Issue escalation

Industry Involvement
Industry networking
Best practices research
Database of Project data
Documentation archive
Workflow Management
Project Change Control
Streamlined Communications
AtTask Implementation
Project Status Transparency
Increased visibility and broader awareness
More effective escalation
Creating a results driven culture
Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
PMO Training Plan
Facilitate organizational and individual learning
Develop project management capabilities
Allow consistent and effective selection, planning and execution of projects

PMO Project Support
Project Management: Direct and Indirect Management
Developing Capabilities: Training and Coaching
Increased efficiency and effectiveness
Increased on-time delivery of project

PMO Processes Defined
Well Selected. Well Planned
Well Executed
Every time
PMO Governance Process for project selection of PMO Support
PMO Dashboard & Reporting Flow
Project Request Initiating Process
Issue Management and Resolution Process
Balanced Scorecard
A strategic planning and management system
Allows for data driven decisions to which projects PMO resources should be assigned
Scoring is based on Alignment with business goals, customer satisfaction, revenue/business criticality, risk and resource availibility.
Project Management Toolkit
Tools and techniques for effective project management.
Helps define project requirements, phases and clarifies standard project deliverable.
Defines a Project Management Methodology
Provide a consistent framework for PMO directly managed projects.

AtTask Implementation
Database of Project data
Documentation archive
Workflow Management
Project Change Control
Templates allow for consistent project management
Consistent and customizable Reports and Dashboards
Phase 2
Phase 3
PMO Maturation
PMO Fully Operational
Well Measured
OPM3 Score: 1.95
100% of dedicated PM Resources working on strategic projects
This is an increase by 18% when compared to the 1.64 score in the beginning of phase 1
Looking forward to sharing update on Phase 2 in July 2014
On avg, castlight employees agree that the PMO is increasing our ability to execute projects and Scale
Increased engagement of Project Team members in PMO run projects
5 out of 6 projects managed by PMO are aligned to at least one strategic objective
• Operation Efficiency
• Strategic alignment of
• Projects managed
• Improved project engagement
• How well are we managing projects?
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