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extinction of species

No description

reynalda hernandez

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of extinction of species

ENDANGERED SPECIES extinction of species Hunting HUNTING food habitat destruction population pollution acid rain global warming changing ecosystem introduction of exotic species help plant native plants Habitat destruction Population Industrialization Pollution Global warming Introduction of exotic species medicine decoration clothes pet eliminated pest industrialization agriculture construction oil pesticides flood volcanic eruptions earthquakes causes don't eat to much animals water pollution air pollution land pollution critically endangered. Male reach 49 mm and females 64 possibly extinct. Male reach 28 mm and females 40 200 _ 79 less that 100 tumbling creek cavesnail Assiminea pecos between 1 and 2 mm long betta persophone thanks for your attention By: Reynalda thanks for your attention By Reynalda Silver Pheasant East Asia Europe The zebra mussel
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