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No description

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of Advertisement

awareness Advertisement
throughout the advert you hear a simple upbeat tune which gives the advert positivity which helps the later contrast.
teenager advert
this advert is about a young boy following a group of other teenagers and are apparently smokers its about the results of following the wrong people. The true aim of the video is to stop young lonely children from following the crowd, also to warn parents of activitys there children potentially get up to.
The creators of the video have tried to link his situation to real life problems, for example in this video we see a lonely school boy following a 'coo'l lot of older people. The creators have tried to show that they are older by costume; the boy is wearing a common school uniform however the group of people aren't this suggest they do not go to school and are older.
shows true purpose of advert is to stop teen smoking. emphases on no and smoking.
when the advert ends and people die the music helps set an upsetting mood as the true message reveals of the advertisement all sound and music has ended.
NHS smoking advert
jungle book
This advert is about different families only focussing on: mothers, daughters, fathers and sons. the advert shows their relationships and all the activity's they do daily until we get till the end and find out that the parents are all smokers. This videos true motive is to make parents feel bad about smoking and hopefully stop them from smoking
throughout the advertisement the jungle book theme tune is on, this gives the advert a happy positive feel which also shows great contrast when the music ends and we see the women smoking. the director does this to catch the attention of teenagers, they know this would instantly have an affect on modern day teenagers because the jungle book was made when they were young.
in the advert the directors have deceived audience with use of sound and sight. In the the video we see families of two consisting of a a child and a parent and the child is copying actions of the parent, the reasons behind this isnt clear until the end of the video.
its clear that the tint for when the parent is smoking becomes darker than when they are not smoking by doing this they are show how smoking has a negative affect on their lives and how its the wrong thing to do.
impact on viewer

the advert consists of a family of two doing normal everyday activitys together this would make viewers automatically relate the actors situations to themselves and subconsciously think about their everyday lif e styles
order of information
It begins with a child mimicking their parent which as a result makes the advert comical, such as a child shaving with his farther, this along with the music gives the advert a positive vibe.
the positivity of the advert diminishes when the child begins to pretend to smoke and the music ends, this contrast of the video would have a big impact on viewers.
There are many styles in the advert which changes as it goes along. It begins with a humorous style with the children doing all the activity's with the parents such as reading the newspaper, it then becomes dramatic when we realise this is a smoking advert and becomes more realistic.
order of information
begins with a depressed young school kid noticing a group of older teenagers walking and follows them. after a while he begins to join there group, its apparent this school boys is main objective is impressing a love interest, we know shes his love interest because of the constant close ups of the girl smiling.
there is no talking in this advert, i believe they did this so viewers paid all there attention to the actions of the music video, by doing so they build suspense that gets dramatically destroyed when we realise this is an awareness advert. As the young teens were jumping off the cliff we heard thumps on the ground, this was to enhance the hurt and pain caused by smoking.
the video uses lighting to help it progress and set the mood. in the beginning there is a close up on the lonelys boys face with a slightly dark tint, this shows negativity and sadness, they do this because they want people like him to relate straight away, the mood quickly changes with help with lighting and sound. the light becomes lighter and sunny as a result of this the video mood changes and becomes happier. as the advert progresses the video goes back to darkness and the video ends on a poignant mood.
this video uses dramatic effects. This videos objective was to connect with people this is obvious by actions it has taken such as basing it around a common school boy. this advert tries to hook viewers into it and also send a message to the viewers, they do this by setting an alarming message to the viewers st the end.
this video gives viewers a false sense of security by showing kids smiling and having fun this is shown through the child actors, this would have an effect on younger viewers that are watching, I believe that the videos true target was younger people, the director was able to turn the whole video mood around and as a result would have a shoking impact on young viewers who are watching, this would warn children off smoking.
persuasive techniques
this video persuades people to listen to what they are saying because it mentions that its a message from the NHS therefore it gives viewers reliability for what they are saying and persuades people to listen.
persuasive techniques
This advert persuades people to listen to the message by using kids as the actors this would automatically make the older viewers about their lives and children and also make them more aware about the activity's they partake in.
this video plays on the fear on parent smokers and forces them to think about their lifestyles, they do this by showing the child copying the mother smoke. The video shows the bad side of smoking and the extent of the video could even possibly stop parents from smoking.
By showing the effects of smoking and copying other people the video could make young smokers think about what they are doing and the video could also persuade them to stop. This video could also have an effect on older smokers and show them the results of smoking the video does this by including an older group of smokers influencing a boy.
begins with a close up of the women smoking they do this because they want to show viewers the true subject of the advertisment.
it then zooms out of the that shot and becomes an action shot, the director has done this so the video has more of an impact on the viewers watching as they find out a child is smoking.
begins with close up of the boy looking lonley and depressed, the director has done this because they want people like him to instantly relate to him
Further on in the video it turns into a long shot of all the teenagers doing the same as the others, the director does this because they want to show how teenagers copy the actions of others.
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