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Maya, Aztecs, Incas

ancient civilazations

Kelly Hawkins

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Maya, Aztecs, Incas

Ancient Civilizations Mayas many buildings showed the rain god Aztecs Incas Had steep high pyrimads they constructed dams, barriers, and aqueducts
lived in adjacent areas of Mexico lived in thatch houses grew corn, beans, squash and cotton
They all lived in central and south america Incans popped popcorn They lived in South America Stone was sacred to the Incas They were great engineers all roads lead to cuczo, their mountain capital men were master builders women were master weavers buildings were covered with the feathered serpent most aztecs were commeners were defeated August 13, 1521 by the spaniards they were a nomadic tribe had priests main crop was maize or corn Their cloth came from alpacs and lamas The End
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