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The Funky Me hahahah

No description

maria bengel

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of The Funky Me hahahah

#5 my favorite color is orange #1 mariana, almayra, julieta, paola, jade , and
natalia munoz #3 #6 dance moms, real housewive,
gravity falls, keeping up with the kardashians,preacher's daughters #4 mariana The Fab Five AS YOU CAN SEE ME #2

religion, social studies, music, english and choir, and PE #8 #7 red tails, argo, act of valor, justin bieber never say never,not without my daughter justin bieber, alicia keys, adele, critianna agullaria , beyonce, #9 i will survive, when i was your man,stay, nothing like us,just give me a reason #10

mini cooper #11

donald, sophia, mark, david, mom, dad, chico #12

up to 10 #13

go to chili's
or if my brothers fell like it hooters, go bowling
or have a movie night #14 i plan to be a crusader at mater dei and plan to go to england #15

i went camping when i was about five #16
bora,bora #17
married with children and already in the music business or a crime scene investigator i love war and
movie the movie #19 favorite male actor ben affleck,lenardo decapreo,denzel washington,matt damon,mark wahlberg #20 favorite female actress rebel wilson,sandra buluck,sarah jessica parker,selena gomez,milissa mccarthy favorite drinks arizona, hot chocalate, coca cola, lipton,cranberry juice favorite sports baseball and gymnastics favorite baseball teams and players padres=alexi armarista, cameron maybin
braves=(retired and most favorite)chipper jones
diamondbacks=i was born when they won the world series favorite gymnast the fab five, kerri strug, nadia comaneci
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