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introduction to general psychology

Dareen Clarion

on 12 July 2015

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Transcript of Psychology

Types of Behavior
Sub fields
Adult Psychology
Psychology is the study of soul
Counseling is a cooperative exercise where counselors do not solve people’s problem but rather serve the person by discussing new approaches to solve a problem, by giving needed information, by helping to clarify thoughts and feeling, or just through listening.
is a treatment contracted between a trained professional and a client, patient, family, couple, or group. The problems addressed are psychological in nature and can vary in terms of their causes, influences, triggers, and potential resolutions. Once if his/her problem is found out then the therapist will help client to come out of their problem by different way of therapies.
Overt behavior
Actions recorded and observed by others
Covert behaviors
Inside behavior which cannot be observed by others
Psychology is a scientific study of behavior and mental process.
Answers the questions WHO we are, WHAT are our potentials as individuals, and WHY we act and think in a particular manner
prepared by:
D.J.G. Clarion
Behaviors: your actions.
Mental process: feelings, emotions, thinking, problem solving, decision making, thoughts, perception, even the biological activities that maintain the body functions
psyche = soul
logos = study
it develops theories of human functioning, often new approaches to current knowledge
as a science, psychology uses systematic method to observe, describe, predict and explain human behavior and mental process.
these are visible to other in other word seen behaviors.
Example: The way we Talk, Walk, Dress, Eat and so on…
in short these are the action we see and observe in individual and group around us..
which is not obvious to the people around us. Simply they are unseen behavior.
For example, Feeling such as anger, jealousy, kindness, pity, happiness and sad.
In fact, covert can be deduced from the overt.
Abnormal Psychology
Animal (or) Comparative Psychology
Biological Psychology
Child Psychology
Clinical Psychology
Educational Psychology
Experimental Psychology
General Psychology
Genetic Psychology
Industrial Psychology
Military Psychology
Quantitative Psychology
Social (or) Group Psychology
psychology has been part of every humans life. Understanding our psychology (behavior) will help us to understand other. Counseling and Psychotherapy are not same, anyone who is good listener can do counseling but only trained professional is capable of psychotherapy.
Gestalt Psychology
Methods of Research
(1) to undertand human behavior
(2) to predict human behavior by means of observation and experiments
(3) to influence or alter the behavior of the individual
Levels of Investigation
Introspection Method
Observation Method
Life-History Method
Survey Method Or Group Method
Experimental Method
Statistical Method
( form of motion, or an inner flame,
or function of bodily process
(a) Uncontrolled or Informal
(b) Naturalistic Observation
(c) Controlled or Formal Observation
(a) The Daybook Method
(b) The Clinical Method
(c) The Biographical Method
Psychological level
Sociological level
under observation method:
under life-history method:
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