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Masters in Clinical Medicine -

No description

Mohamed Haroon

on 23 July 2014

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Transcript of Masters in Clinical Medicine -

Masters in Clinical Medicine (MCM)
From Ideas to Results
MCM Candidate 2011-13

The Course
Four Semesters : CLAM 6001-6008

Two Consecutive Streams
Four Residentials

Embraced Principles of Adult Learning
problem-based and collaborative
equality between the teacher and learner
leveraging on experiential learning
reflective learning / crowd sourcing
thinking across Silos


The Origin
What we learnt and What we did
CLAM 6004
CLAM 6004 : Clinical Practice Audit. Safety and Quality Improvement
CLAM 6005 and 6006
6005 : Clinical Medicine and Service Provision : Negotiating Silos

6004 : Leadership and Management
The Need for the Generalist
CLAM 6007 and 6008
in progress
CLAM 6007 - Anatomy of the Hospital

CLAM 6008 - Leadership and Management Skills
Perhaps more than anything else—a friend with special knowledge.

If you had never dived and I were with you, it would be my purpose to instruct you in the depths and dangers, of the pleasant and the malign.
Steinbeck on what he wants in a doctor
What We Need
Pathways that recognize our strengths and enable us to become independent professionals with fulfilling careers as Generalists
Thank You
CLAM 6001
CLAM 6001 : Teaching on the Run
CLAM 6002
Governance , Accountability and Reform
CLAM 6003
Clinical Service Provision A
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