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Spread of Communism through 1948

No description

Caitlyn Ahrens

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Spread of Communism through 1948

the Spread of Communism through 1948 Berlin Airlift Stalin blockades all routes to West Berlin June 1948 Allies ship food and supplies to Berlin for 327 days Total of 227,000 flights carrying 2.3 million tons of supplies Planes carried food, supplies, candy, and even Christmas presents By 1948, communist controlled:
Romania Marshall Plan Containment Truman Doctrine Provided economic and financial aid to nations in Western Europe April 1948 Decreased communists popularity The Spread of Communism through 1948 Iron Curtain Stalin used any means necessary, even jailing or killing political opponents to guarantee the Communist party won elections. Term coined by Winston Churchill describing the line dividing Communist countries from the countries in Western Europe. March 1946 Churchill's speech gave the soviet Union an excuse to rebuild it's army's strength. Developed by George F. Kennan.
He believed the U.S. should resist Soviet attempts to spread Communism.
Involved provide economic aid to countries against the Soviet Union.
Put to the test in 1947. Provided hundreds of thousands of dollars to aid Greece and Turkey to fight Communist influence. By: Caitlyn Ahrens
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