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COMPData: What Can We Do With It?

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Onyinyechi Daniel

on 25 October 2014

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Transcript of COMPData: What Can We Do With It?

COMPData: What Can We Do With It?
COMPData is a healthcare analytics web-based portal with data that includes:
Inpatient discharges
Outpatient surgeries
Emergency department
Observation Care
Benefits for Analytics
Data Integrity
Data integrity is a huge benefit of Compdata. Hospitals are fined for data submission discrepancies and errors. Thus, we can ensure high quality data.
Performance Distinction
All hospitals within the state of Illinois submit data to Compdata. Most hospitals then become consumers and can then mine the collective data.

External benchmarking capability. For example, we can analyze LOS at PH Ministries, compared to other health systems, including case-mix analysis to build predictive models.
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