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Savages by Marina and the Diamonds

No description

Georgia Noyes

on 2 June 2015

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Transcript of Savages by Marina and the Diamonds

people need to stop hurting each other
Are humans born to kill or is it a trait that people learn?
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Literary Devices
Metaphors (Line 26 and line 35)
"We're just animals, still learning how to crawl"
"Another ticking bomb to bury deep and detonate"
allusions to historical events (Line 8-10)
"One man can build a bomb, another run a race, to save somebody's life and have it blow up in his face"
alliteration (Line 7):
"Hidden deep down inside of our DNA"
couplets in the chorus (Line 23-26)
"we're just savages... ties and marriages"
"how could we expect anything at all, we're just animals still learning how to crawl"
Simile (Line 32):
"Like babies in the night"
Poetry Through Music: Savages By Marina and the Diamonds
Georgia Noyes
Period 1

Marina Diamandis
Welsh/Greek singer-songwriter
three albums
FROOT released March 13, 2015
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