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Three men in a Boat

No description

fabia marquez

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of Three men in a Boat

Klapka was born in 1859 and grew up in east London, the son of an unsuccessful. When he was fourteen, he took a job selling railway tickets and later became a teacher.

In 1885 he published his first book.

He did not become well known until 1889, when he wrote "Three Men in a Boat", about his own experiences with his friends on the River Thames.

In 1892, Jerome and some friends began a magazine, "The Idler"

He died in 1927.
Biography of Jerome Klapka Jerome

Book begins with three men and a dog, George, Harris, the narrator, and the dog, Montmorency. Everyone thinks that they are ill, but the truth is that they don't want to work.

They thing about what they want to do, and the end they decide to go on a holiday, they want to do, and the end they decide to go on holiday, they will go to Kingstone, Chertsey. Geroge and the narrator wanted to sleep in the nature, but after some discussions, they decided that they will sleep on the boat,

They prepare everything and they go on the river and they xplain funny stories about things that had happened to them, had some troubles, they arrive at Kingstone and then they go back home.
Summary of "Three Men in a Boat"
Chapter 1 - "We decide to go on holiday"
Stories of chapters
Word -> Synonym -> Translation -> Example
sick malalt The boy was ill
disease enfermetat The boy had illness
salubrious salut The boy have good health
ticker cor The boy have good heart
indolent mandrós The boy before was lazy
maid mastressa The maid cleaning the floor
crush noquejat Boxer knocked him out
tug remolcar He towed the boad
maybe per tant Perhapsit would be better
according conforme I agreed, and I sat down
Ten interesting words of the book
- "Every time I read about an illness, I realize that I have it too and that my symptomps are very bad."

- "I can imagine it easily..."

- "This dog will not be withe me long. He is too good fot this world. But, by the end of the year, he had killed tweleve chickens, wich I had to play for..."

- "Montmorency" (
the dogs name, i'm impacted

- "Montmorency pretended that the oranges were rats, and he got into the food basket and killed three of them.
Five quotes of the book
In my opinion, think that having a lot of stories inside the main story, is bullshit, because i have a medium english level, and at first i was confused and i thought that they were already traveling, when it was just the imagination of the narrator.

What i liked most is that it is actually funny, because the characters are crazy and weird, for example, when they were preparing their-food, they put it in the suitcase and they squached it.
Personal opinion
Three men in a Boat
1er A Batx
Fabián Márquez

Information of book
Name: Three men in a boat.

Author: Jerome Klapka Jerome .

Adaptation: of Oxford University Press in 2000.

First published: in 1990

There were four men, George, William Samuel Harris, the narrator and Montmorency, they old had a bad heath.

The narrator had a heart illness, every time head about illness he had the symptomps. The narrator when he walked in the library, was rich and young, and when he would go out, he was sick. He walked out, he was sick. He went to the library to discover his illness. He thought that he didn't work because of his heart problems.

That nigt, George, Harris and the narrator told each other their illnesses and how they felt. George thought that he was sick, but he didn't had anything, then Mrs. Poppets brought them their dinner, because they thought that would prevent them from their illnesses. The narrator proposed going to the field, but the other 2 opposed. Harris proposed a sea travel. The only one who didn't like the idea was Montmorency, (the dog).

Chapter 2 - "We start make plans"
They started discussing their plans, they would leave the following Saturday and decide to go Kingstone, Chertsey.

George and the narrator wanted to sleep in the nature, the narrator imagines what would they do at night, everyone on the boat, talking, looking at the sky, etc...

Harris asked what would happen if it raing, they couldn't put the tent up, and the narrator imagined that, if it rained, the tent cannot be put up, they argued, etc..

The three men decided to sleep outside at clear night and Montmorency was satified.
Chapter 3 - "We decide what to take"
They argue what they would take with them. George makes the list, the narrator do the tasks and Harris brings the paper and pencil.

They make a list of the clothes they would need, after doing a list of food, they writed down things like, whiskey, tomatoes, butter, etc..
Chapter 4 - " We pack"
They meet up to package everything in differents suitcases. The narrator offered to pack and organize everything, he started with the clothe, then the items and the food, that was packaged by George and Harris, ends up in chaos.
Chapter 5 - "We start our holiday"

Mrs poppers woke up the narrator at 9:00 am, and he was angry with George for waking them up.

When they were ready, they had breakfast, then George read the newspaper. Bad weather for the day. The narrator remembered a autumn holiday, they thought it would rain, but it didn't happen. The next day was the opposite case.

George went to work, and the other took a taxi and they would all meet up at their meeting point. While taking the taxi, they were watched by a huge crowd for the amount of package they had.
Chapter 6 - "On the river"

The boat was waiting at Kingston, it crashed with the flow of the river and Harris fell backwards.

They arrived at the Maze and Harris told a story:
Harris was in the labyrinth with a friend. He studied and the thought they would enter and leave it in a short Time.
When they entered, a group of people were lost and, since Harris remembered the map, he told them he knew how to get out, so they followed him, but they got lost and blamed Harris for that and for not knowing how to use a map. A young keeper offered to get them out, but he ended up being lost with them. In the end, they had to wait until an older keeper returned from lunch to get them out.

Harris said this was a nice maze and the two decided to get George inside of it when they came back.
Chapter 7 - "Harris gets angry"

They were at Molesley lock, their boat was the only one. Harris wanted to visit the church, but the narrator refused to go. Harris was pissed off, but they had to be at five in order to pick up George, and Harris criticized banks and George's 'job'.

Harris wanted to drink something, and tried to pick up a bottle, in the bottom of the basket., but he made the boat turn upside down and Harris ended up with his head inside the basket, and his legs up.
They did some turism around the zone, and Harris
still tried to go to that church and the narrator tried a scheme in order to not going inside.

They go to Weybridge, where they meet up with George, and the three men and the dog started to shout very loud, and the guard was angry because he thought someone was in the water.
Chapter 8 - "George starts work"

George didn't wan to work, but Harris insisted, and in the end George towed the boat and Harris and the narrator are making meals. Mean while George is towing he explains a story...

George had seen a couple towing a boat but they had lost, but they didn't care, they only wanted the rope, and George tied his boat to the broken rope they towed him until they arrived at "Marlay", when they carried, the couple where surprised, because they had been carrying the wrong boat and their aunt was missing.

When George finish explaining that's story, he begans explaining another.

He says that the most exiting is that some girls tow your boat, with some ropes on their body. It's uite difficult for the girls and in the end they leaved half way because they got tired.

George tows them to "Pentom Hook", and they decided to sleep on the boat, and they leave in "Pentom Hook", and later, they regret it.
Chapter 9 - Our first night on the boat

Harris and the narrator thought that the lock had disappeared, "Bell Weir". In the end thay got through it and they stoped at "Magna Charta Island", where they tied the boat.

They had to cover the boat because it would serve them as a roof. It was very dificut put they pulled right except Harris, who ended up inside, he coudn't get out and he eventually got into a fight with George, and he got inside too.

They wanted to make tea, but they had a lot of issues, and, in the end, they forget about this and maded dinner instead.

George explains story about his father...

When George father was young he was with a friend and they spent the night in a hotel, when day went to sleep the light was cut of and they both thought that someone was inside their bed, and they where themselves.

Harris asked George the name of the hotel, George tells him that the name was "The Riverside and asks Harris why he asked him that and Harris tells him that his father told him the same story.
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