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Hidden Figures Analysis

No description

Mackenzie Holden

on 10 March 2017

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Transcript of Hidden Figures Analysis

Three African-American women work for NASA during the '60's when segregation was happening.
They are not treated very well at NASA
Their talents are overlooked because of the color of their skin.
Ethical Dilemma
How does one group of people have the right to decide that their life is more valuable than others?
The white men and women
Stage 4 - Law and Order (They all conform to how society is in 1960s)
Al Harrison
"The boss"
Starts in stage 4 - Law and Order (Conforms to requirements of living in that society)
Ends in stage 6 - Universal Principle (He realizes that Katherine is equally talented as everyone in the department)
The Women
Hidden Figures
by: Kaisa Tsuruta and Kenzie Holden

Stage 6 - Universal Principle (They know that their talents equal the white people's and they go out and fight for justice)
The women's talents are finally recognized.
The mission to space was successfully completed.
Melfi, T. (Director), & Schroeder, A., & Melfi, T. (Screenwriters). (2017).
Hidden Figures
[Motion picture]. USA: Fox 2000 Pictures.
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